10 secrets to attract women

These are my most guarded secrets that will make you attract women, PERIOD.

Write them down and revise them everyday, they are pure gold.

Why these ten secrets?

Because these are the ones that work and that would bring you the most success with women, if you know them and apply them, attracting women would become very easy and you will definitively start seeing the kind of success you truly deserve with women.

  1. The first secret is: watch for your insecurities.

Insecurities are those little details (or big ones) that makes you look at yourself negatively.

Baldness, shortness, big nose, long ears, belly fat, big teeth, big bottom ….

What's with them?

They are your biggest enemies and also your biggest allies to attract women.

You have to get comfortable with them in order for you to start attracting women; this is a very important secret that most guys neglect.

  1. The second secret is your nose and ears.

They need to be cleaned from hair and other substances.

Women have confessed to me many times that they will feel repelled by a very good looking guy simply because he has two hairs hanging from his nose.

  1. The third secret is your trousers and shirts.

Always have them cleaned and pressed, never leave home without looking closely at them for spots and defects.

Women will scan them first and will give you bad marks if they are dirty.

  1. The fourth secret is your mouth.

Keep it closed.

A woman will know instantly whether a guy is confident or not simply because he walks and moves with his mouth wide open.

Make it a personal challenge to always keep your mouth closed, especially if you are with women.

  1. The fifth secret is your trying to impress women.

Don't do it!

Instead of telling a woman that you own big motorcycle, let her discover it by herself, it will be much more stronger and she would be impressed then.

  1. The sixth secret is your accomplishments.

Never reveal them to women, never tell them that you make this much a year, never tell them that you are the son of someone or …., again let women find out for their own.

  1. The seventh secret to attract women is your hair.
If you are balled, don't try to cover it.

Always have a clean haircut, women pay huge attention to it and will penalize you for having a messy one.

  1. The eight secret is your smell.

Whenever I write an article, I bring this fact.

Women depend on how you smell to tell whether you take good care of yourself or not, whenever a woman smells you and find a pleasant aroma, an alarm will ring in her mind and tell her that you are one in a thousand guys.

Guys are notorious for not caring about the way they smell and how it affects women. You have to care about it.

  1. The ninth secret is what you say to women.

If you talk in an aggressive manner, change it.

If you talk in a fast manner, become slower.

If you talk about boring subject, learn what women love to talk about and talk about these subjects.

If you see that she isn't attracted to a subject you are talking about, even if you know that women love it, don't stick to it and change it.

  1. The tenth secret to attract women is leading them.

If you want to attract women, you need to be comfortable with leading them and taking decisions for them.

This will sound very "bullying" and not human, but women love to be treated this way, take it or leave it, it's the most important of these secrets to attract women.