10 ways to get a girl

Here the best ten ways to get a girl to like you and to want to be with you all the time, if you don’t use these ten ways, she will never find you attractive.

When trying to meet girls, you have to make all the chances on your side, you don’t want to miss on any occasion to make her like you and find you attractive, this is why I’ll give you these ten ways to get a girl to like and be attracted to you.

They are going to work every time you try them and they are guaranteed to make every girl you meet interested in you and finding you highly attractive.

The first way to get a girl to like you is to make her smile.

This is probably the most known way to get a girl, but in reality, very few guys will know how to apply it.

What guys will do is usually tell the girl a boring joke or make the clown by looking and acting stupid.

These ways will never get a girl to like you, in fact they are going to do the reverse and make her hate herself when she sees you.

The best way to make a girl laugh is a body language trick I’ve learned some years ago, it’s amazingly effective and I’ve never seen a girl who doesn’t giggle or laugh at it.

You look her right in the eyes, you don’t say one word to her and then you move your eye brows up and down, like what we used to do when we were kids.

Trust me, she will laugh and giggle at this stupid body language and she will find you very confident and funny.

The second way to get a girl is to make her jealous about you.

My mother used to say that the best thing to use against a girl is another girl.

I’ve used this advice many times and it worked great.

Here is what you need to do:

Look for a girl that you really like and that you want to be with, and then find a girl whom you know and feel good and confident when you are with her.

Then go talk to her.

Don’t make the mistake of being too serious and/or too nice while talking to her.

Here is what you need to do: make her laugh; enjoy your time with her.

And make sure that the other doesn’t notice that you are doing it for her sake; this is why you don’t need to look at her, not even for once.

The third way to get a girl is to talk to her nicely.

You may have read it on the internet somewhere that girls like guys who are strong and very “rough”!

The truth is that this is only partly true, girls don’t like this a lot in guys, and they don’t want to be with beasts!

What girls like is a nice guy who has got a strong personality.

This is the reason why you need to be nice to her and you need to make feel good.

Here are some ways to be nice with a girl: talk on the things she is interested in.

For example, she likes a band.

When you are talking to her, make sure you include in your discussion that you just listened to a song by them and you liked it.

This is a very effective technique, however, I need to warn you not to use it every single time with her, you will end up sounding fake!

The fourth way to get a girl is to listen to her.

Girls love to talk and they also love to be listened to.

An amazing technique I’ve discovered once by chance is to close your mouth and to listen to a girl for as long as possible, let her speak her mind and share with you, let her tell you what she thinks about things, don’t interrupt her or talk too much, just let her speak and share with you.

At the end of the conversation, she is going to have a great feeling about you.

The fifth way is to ask her for advice

Girls are very friendly when they are asked for their opinions or an advice.

I’ve tested this many times with even stranger girls and it has worked every time.

Here is what you need to do:

Go to her and ask her for an advice on clothing or music.

As I’ve said before, girls love to talk, but what they love the most is talk about themselves or play the fashion queens.

Just go ask her for advices on clothing, you won’t believe how she is going to like talking to you.

The sixth way to get a girl is to avoid her a little

Most guys are going to get a girl and soon, they are going to be dumped by her.

The major reason for this is that they’ve given her more than she wanted.

In other words, she got bored of them.

This is why you need to show her from the very beginning, even when you are not yet with her that you are the independent type of guy.

For example, after you talk to her for a little bit, say bye and go somewhere else away from her.

This will sound like a horrible thing, but to a girl, you are going to appear very mature and independent, which is very attractive.

The seventh way is to look at her and then look away

This is a way a girl has showed to me, it’s very effective if you haven’t asked her yet.

You simply look at her for a little bit, then when she looks back at you, look her right in the eyes and turn your head away as if you didn’t like what you saw!

Girls are going to be shocked when you do this, but at the same time they are going to be very attracted by a guy who has such a high self-confidence.

As I’ve said before, it’s a girl who has showed me this way and it’s very wicked and intelligent at the same time.

The eight way to get a girl is to make prolonged eye contact with her

When attracting girls, eye contact is the king of techniques!

If you have to learn one single technique, make it this one!

Simply, when you see a girl you like, just look her right in the eyes and keep looking until she looks away.

It’s very effective.

The ninth way is to not be her best friend

From these 10 ways, this one is probably the most hurting for your chances of success with her.

You may have thought to yourself that you could approach her and appear as her friend for sometimes and then try to get her to like you and be interested in you.

From a guy’s perspective, this will sound ingenious and very intelligent, but from a girl’s perspective, this will look very weak and coward!

It won’t work no matter how hard you try it with a girl; it will just fail over and over.

What you must do is simply approach her and make your intentions very clear from the very beginning, don’t tell her that you want to be her friend and other BS, just go to her and be frank with her, tell her that you like her and you want to go out with her on Saturday evening for example, girls love honesty and self-confidence.

Don’t try to trick girls!!! They are very intelligent!

And the tenth way is to kiss her as soon as possible

I’ve said it before, what girls love in a guy isn’t his looks or his body; they are interested in self-confidence!

It’s the only currency for girls.

I’ve been with dozens of girls and I’ve made lots of mistakes, the worse one was to not get things physical very soon.

Don’t do as I did, instead, kiss her as soon as possible.

These are the best 10 ways to get a girl, don’t forget to download my free report, you won’t regret it.