7 best things to say to a woman

These seven best things to say to a woman are going to make you appear as the most attractive man around, and they are going to make her feel good and appreciated by you.

I hate to read in men’s magazines that the best ways to attract a woman is to be rude and impolite; I think it’s a sign of disrespect and weakness.

I prefer instead to use these seven best things to say to a woman, they are going to make her like me and feel great about herself at the same time.

The first best thing to say to a woman is a true fact about her

Women love to be appreciated and they like it when a man acknowledge a good thing about them.

However, most men are going to think that they will sound weak and unattractive if they say such empowering things to a woman.

I disagree!

Here is what you need to do:

Look for something true about her and then look for the right opportunity to say it to her, and then say it with confidence and conviction.

Here is a small example:

I’ve once seen my girlfriend picking some food from the street and putting it aside, I liked what she did.

Then once again, she did it, I then looked her right in the eyes and told her that she is a very caring person and it’s obvious how respectful of others she is.

She was very moved and said that it’s the best thing a man has ever said to her.

It’s easy to find something good about a woman, they are very neat and friendly, and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Just look for the right opportunity and say it confidently.

The second best thing to say to a woman is: A friend’s story

Women love to hear stories, especially when they are romantic.

Why not tell her a story about a friend of yours who found the love of his life in a romantic and unexpected way.

Why not tell her the story of your grandfather and grandmother, if it’s romantic. . .

Here are some things you need to be careful about: don’t say the story in a cold manner, use gestures a lot, use lots of details and descriptions, make her guess some parts, involve her by letting her tell you about something similar.

The third thing to say is: How knowing her has affected your life positively

Women love to be appreciated, in fact, everyone wants to be appreciated and feel important.

However, if you go to a woman and tell her that you appreciate her and you would like to make her feel important, it won’t work!

What you need to do is: tell her that since knowing her, you do something totally different and you like it that way.

For example: “since I’ve known you, i started paying more attention to my behaviors with other people.”

The fourth best thing to say to a woman is: A stupid joke

Women love to laugh a lot, if you deny them this fun, they are going to feel bored and angry at you.

The best thing I’ve found so far is to go to children book section and to read some stupid kids’ jokes, and then tell her some with a stupid accent.

Trust me, women already know that these jokes are stupid, but they are going to appreciate you making them laugh and enjoy themselves.

The fifth one is: A funny comment

Tease her!

It’s one of the most attractive things you can say to a woman.

Women love to be teased and they enjoy it when a man does it.

The sixth best thing to say to a woman is: A genuine compliment

Let’s say that a dress makes her look perfect.

Why not tell her this when she is wearing it.

Women love good compliments, but you need to be careful with this one, don’t use it too much.

Don’t bombard her with compliments all the time; make them a treat for special occasions or when she has done something great.

And the seventh best thing to say to a woman is: What someone has said about her

It may surprise you but women love it when another person has said good things about them.

All you need to do is report what that person said about her and don’t exaggerate.

These are one of the best things to say to a woman, however, don’t make them your only techniques, a woman will get bored of you very fast.