Am I attractive to girls?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: am I attractive to girls? Every guy did and these are the right ways to become highly attractive to girls.

This is what this article is about, get attractive girls to like you and find you very appealing.

Why should girls feel attracted to you?

You need to find answers to these questions and fast.

  • The first thing you must look at is your looks

If you don't take care of your looks, you aren't attractive to girls, period.

Most guys are unable to understand that buying an expensive sport shoe or getting the latest jeans isn't efficient to attract girls.

They will put money and sacrifices without putting a more very essential resource which is caring.

Yes, to look good, you have to care about yourself and your appearances.

Without care, girls will very rapidly pick up that you aren't truly attractive and you are fake.

To care about your looks, the first thing you must do is to get an education.

You need to become "looks literate" in other words; you have to know how to dress and what to choose.

I've said in numerous articles that you can ask a girl to help you choose an outfit or cologne; this is just a short cut.

The real opportunities to look attractive to girls are inside specialized literature and people.

Don't be a "processed" guy, you shouldn't always relay on others to pick your clothes, you need to become a "stylish" guy, this is by far the most attractive thing for a girl in a guy.

Here are some places you need to start looking at for getting an education to become "stylish":

Retail website (a great example is Banana Republic), go there and simply look at the clothes combinations and how they fit with each others.

Gay magazines and gay photo-shoots, I know that this would be the last thing a straight guy would do, trust me, gay guys have a lot to teach us and style is one of these things, they are naturally stylish, period.

Girls' magazines, one of the best resources to get your knowledge on becoming attractive to girls, look at the male models there and see the ones that look like you and copy their styles.

The final resource is girls themselves. Whenever you ask a girl to go with you to pick some clothes, be curious and ask her about her choices and "why?" and how come?" she will give you her secrets.

  • The second thing is to look at your personality.

If you don't have the right personality around girls, they will hate you and they will certainly avoid you.

I hate to say this to guys, but personality is pretty important when it comes to making girls attracted to you.

I can confidently say that your personality is the foundation in attracting girls, without it, your techniques will look so fake and shallow.

Here are the things you have to focus on for developing an attractive personality for girls:

The first one is a "lack of care of the outcome", this one is the most important one, if a girl sees that you put too much attention on her and her decisions, she will hate it and hate you.

However, a girl who notice that you don't care that much about her decisions and thoughts of you, especially romantic ones, and that you are having a great fun whether she is with you or not, will follow you and go crazy for you, trust me, she will if you've got a great complete life whether you are dating her or not.

The second personality trait you should develop at all cost is high self-esteem.

I know, I'm sounding very strange here and philosophical.

But, truly, what attracts girls to guys?

It's trust! Yes, trust.

All girls are looking for guys that can be trusted and that will lead them and protect them.

And a girl can't trust a guy if he has got low self-esteem.

The only advice I can give you in this article is to go buy a fantastic book by Nathanial Brandon called the six pillars of self-esteem and to do the exercises there.

At first, you are going to see no transformation and effects, but after a short period, you are going to find yourself turning into a girls' magnet, they will natural rotate around you and find you attractive. 

  • The third one is to pay attention to your body language.

Body language is the way you behave around girls.

This is the way girls use to know about you, your personality, and whether you are attractive or not.

To get it handled, use what I've used when I was starting to learn how to become attractive to girls:

  1. Always think of yourself as a mature confident guy.
  2. Walk and move slowly.
  3. Talk less.
  4. Listen more.
  5. Turn your face and body slightly away from girls when interacting with them.
  6. Have a direct eye contact with girls.
  7. See yourself moving and behaving, in other words, notice what you are doing when with girls.

If you pay attention to these three components, you won't need to ask the question: "am I attractive to girls?" again, because you will be and to learn the secret to keeping a woman attracted to you.