Arrogance, your best ally to attracting women

When women start taking about men, they will rarely say one of the greatest secrets about what they want from them.

What you are going to hear women talking about is stuff like buying flowers and complimenting them, but the reality is that one of the most attractive things women really do go mad about it is a man who is arrogant.

What do I mean by arrogant and how to be an arrogant man?

Arrogance can seem like a negative trait, we have heard from the times when were young that it’s bad to be arrogant and to believe that we are better than the rest.

This is what arrogance is associated with in our minds, however, to women and attracting them, arrogance can be something totally different in meaning.

Arrogance to women means a man who knows that he is good, a man who knows that he is attractive and that he has many options to choose from.

Women aren’t interested in nice guys who are weak and very docile, what women want naturally are guys who are strong and who have character and personality, that’s what will make women attracted and feeling great and confident about a certain man and not other ones.

When I was just starting to learn about women and dating, I thought to myself that women are somehow crazy, they will date and be with an abusive bad boy while refusing the love and care of a great looking nice guy!!!

I couldn’t understand it at all.

However, from my experience and asking women, I’ve started to gather up more information about this and I know now that women have no clue about it and they don’t do it logically, to them a bad boy is a bad boy, but the reality is that their minds and bodies are going to be naturally attracted to this beast like man and they can’t do anything about it.

And then I learned the secret to being like such bad boys and what a nice guy like me needed to become really interesting to women.

It’s all in the word: arrogance.

In work and rescuing people from the titanic, arrogance is bad, but when seducing a woman, arrogance is your best ally.

How can you be arrogant with women then?

The answer is in always thinking of yourself as the best thing that can happen to a woman and to think of yourself as the prize.

Whenever you think low and unimportant on yourself, women are going to feel it and are going to get even very bored out of it.

The best way you can win women’s attention very fast is by being arrogant from the very first moment.

For example, when you just meet a girl, don’t be overly serious with her at the beginning, instead, simply start teasing her and telling her how lucky she is for finding such a great guy as you.

Of course you do it in a fun, natural and arrogant way.

Women love arrogance in men and the truth is that they are looking for it in every single guy, but they will rarely find satisfaction.