Attract Women with Body Language

To attract women with your body language is a matter of what to do and what to avoid. In this guide you are going to learn about what body language signals you should send to women in order for them to feel attracted.

You can learn to it by just following these advices.

The great thing about them is that they work perfectly with any woman.

Body language is a fantastic tool at attracting women, it’s universal and every woman on this earth will know the meaning of your actions.

All it takes to is action, if you learn about these techniques but don’t apply them, they won’t serve you for anything.

  • The first technique is in the eyes.

A woman once told me that she fell in love with her husband the first time she looked at his eyes.

There are many stories of girls being like hypnotized by a guy’s eyes.

It’s not the color, it’s not their size, it’s the way he uses them!

Believe it or not, a woman would consider your eyes to be great looking just by the way you use them.

I have to warn you first!

If you have a medical issue with your eyes, you have to get it fixed.

Red eyes or swollen eyes aren’t attractive to women, no matter what you do with them.

The eyes are amazing; they are your greatest tool for attracting women.

The first thing and the ultimate thing you have to learn is to never break eye contact with a girl.

This will sound very difficult and sometimes abnormal but you have to do it this way, there is nothing more deceiving to a girl than looking into a man’s eyes and him breaking the eye contact first.

It tells a lot of things:

  1. He is unsecure
  2. He is not confident
  3. He is afraid
  4. He is childish

The second thing you must learn is the way you use your eyes with a girl.

Let’s say you’ve established eye contact and she broke her eye contact first, then you need to shift and look away as if you didn’t care about her.

She will look back and find you looking away, this is where you have to look back at her with the triangular technique:

It’s a great way of communicating interest to a woman in a mature confident way.

You look her right in the eyes and then move your eyes very slowly looking at her nose and then at her lips.

This technique is amazing and all women respond amazingly well to it.

  • The second technique is in the way you stand.

The first thing a woman will notice about you is the way you stand.

This is the moment you need to show some attractive features women want in men.

The most attractive feature is just being a man who stands tall and confident.

It’s so attractive to women to see a man undisturbed by the environment and who has a great body posture and self-confidence.

Always stand tall, never lean forward a lot or backward.

Always have your hands outside your pockets, it’s a great way to keep yourself balanced.

Never look down, remember the eye contact.

  • The third technique is in the smile.

There are many guys that think that to attract women with body language is a matter of techniques and tricks.

Well, it’s not always the case.

The smile is a great example, if you try to use techniques with a smile you are going to fail.

Your smile is an amazing communication tool; it will send any woman the right signals about you.

This is how you should use your smiles:

The first thing you have to learn is to never over use it, most guys are throwing their most valuable resources when smiling too much.

The second thing is to use a method called the delayed smile with women, whenever you are talking with a woman, don’t smile at her, wait for when she says something funny and then wait some four seconds in silence and shine a great healthy smile at her.

This is the greatest way to use your smile to attract women with body language.

  • The fourth technique is in the way you move.

I’ll give you an easy rule to apply all the time:

Don’t move too fast, don’t walk too fast, and don’t talk too fast.

With women, you have to be a little slower than usual; it will send them a message of confidence and great self-esteem.

There are other amazing methods to attract women with body language.