Best Places to meet women

Here are the best places to meet women. They are full of gorgeous beautiful women and with very little competition from other guys.

If you know about these places and you have the right approach tactic, then, you will simply become unstoppable with women.

It’s such a shame that so many guys go look for women only at bars or clubs.

I’ve never liked those places; they are full of alcoholic desperate women or prostitutes.

To meet truly amazing and beautiful women, you have to look at other places.

Here are the best places and the greatest thing about them is that they have very little if inexistent competition.

I’ve seen once in a club a girl being circled by nearly a dozen guys trying to talk to her, this is insane competition.

  • The first one is: Shopping Malls.

They are simply full of beautiful girls.

And the best thing about malls is that there are many beautiful girls working there and there are also a lot of women doing their shopping, they can be approached really easily.

You just need to ask.

“Excuse me, where did you get ….?”

It’s the most simple line to memorize, just go to a beautiful woman and ask her this question about an item she has bought.

Women are nice by nature, and if you are well groomed and wearing a great cologne, they would find you very attractive and would chat with you and can start flirting with you immediately.

  • The second one is: a Public library or a book store.

This is definitively one of my most favorite places.

I’m sorry to say this but girls will usually outnumber guys in book stores.

You can go there, hang for a while and look like you are lost.

Then go to a nice girl, even if she is busy reading or taking notes, she won’t mind helping you, especially if you look nice.

Ask her about a section or a title you are interested in.

She may help you and may not, in both ways; you’ve already started a conversation with her.

Ask her about the things she is reading “is it interesting?”, then you only need to make sure you get her phone number.

  • The third one is:  seminars.

This is a place that most guys have no idea about.

In fact, it’s so great for meeting quality women that most people would never tell you about it.

You don’t need to attend one, you only need to look for seminars held in your city and go wait in the lobby.

At break time, you will be flooded with amazingly beautiful women who are exhausted and needs some fun.

Don’t make the mistake of going to an “accounting” seminar or a “male thing” seminar, you will be flooded by dudes and if you didn't notice, they aren't the best places to meet women .

Look for things women are interested in, self-improvement, speed reading, dating for women….

You need to be able to start a conversation with a woman the right way from the beginning.