Best ways to meet women

These are the best ways to meet women.

Most guys not reading this are clueless about them, this is a huge problem, if you can’t meet women; you are doomed for the rest of your life to loneliness and unhappiness.

You need to know the how to meet women, if you don’t, women will be making fun of you with their friends all the time, trust me, I've been there!

I’m absolutely certain that many guys have no clear idea about what are these ways and how to meet women for dating.

You need to get this part of your life handled.

I past a long time of my life developing them and testing them, the great thing about these ways to meet women is that they are very easy to apply and women will see you as a natural attractive man.

  • The first one is have a social circle

If you don’t know how to make friends with other people, especially men, there is no way a woman would consider you interesting. 

For a long time, I’ve neglected this part of my life.

I thought that meeting women is a matter of techniques and make believe.

This is not true; one of the best things to do to meet women is to have good friends.

A woman will scan you for every detail, especially the social ones, if she finds you a lonely guy who has no friends, she will think of you as a loser.

So, the first thing you need to do is get around some friends, make a circle of great friends you love and you share your life with.

To achieve this, you need to develop your social abilities: go meet new people, don’t criticize others, don’t gossip them, be a great listener …

Now, the good part of having a great social circle is that your great friends will bring you there

female friends, you only need to pick the one you like.

  • The second one is get the right body language

If you are a great guy inside but your body language reflects otherwise, no woman will find you attractive.

it‘s a fact, women are superficial, especially the first time they will meet you.

She will start noticing every detail about you, especially your body language.

If you smile too much, lean too much on others, walk and move very rapidly, look angry, look too much humble …. Women will ignore you.

  • The third one is to know where to meet women

If you think that meeting women is about going to bars and clubs, you are wrong.

Meeting women is about finding the right places you like where you can be the most at ease and where you will be able to attract the most women.

Bars and clubs are notorious for alcohol and drugs, most women there are either drunk/stoned or prostitutes, it’s not always the case, you will find some great women, but they are rare.

The best ways to meet women is to go the places like bookshops, antique shops, department stores …