Best ways to pick up women

There are many different ways to pick up women, most don’t work and if you use them, you will look like an idiot. On the other hand, there are few ways that work wonders to pick up women. Here are the most amazing and successful ones.

As said before, there are many ways to pick up women, some will advise you to buy flowers, some will tell you to be nice and let her appreciate you with time…

Unfortunately, most ways to pick up women won’t work and if you use them, you will risk looking like a fool.

There are also many ways that will make you irresistible to most women, however, most of them requires time and lots of resources.

I’m going to give my proven best ways to pick up women that are both easy to use and will bring you results quickly.

  • The first of the best ways to pick up women is be interested, and ignore her.

This will sound a little confusing to most guys, and it is.

How can you be interested but at the same time ignoring her?

Women are full of contradictions.

They will tell you that they like one thing when in fact they like the very opposite of it.

For example, women tell men all the time that they like to receive gifts from guys, but when a guy does it; they become cold and bitter!

The idea here is to use women’s own tricks against them.

You are going to appear as interested, but at the same time, uninterested.

How do you do it?

First of all, if you apply this to women, you will become highly attractive.

You do it by first letting her know you like her.

You can look her in the eyes (eye contact), talk to her, be funny with her and be chivalrous with her.

This way, she will think that you are romancing her (the right way).

Then, you need to be uninterested.

You achieve this by simply disappearing from her radars.

You will create such a need in women and they will start looking for you and calling you all the time.

Don’t read this and disappear totally!

What I’m suggesting is you disappear for some days without calling her or writing her an email or a text message, and then call her and tell her that you want to meet her.

  • The second best way to pick up women is: don’t be boring.

A lot of you may already know about this way.

Unfortunately, very few will apply it.

Try just for once to listen to a couple; you will definitely hear the guy talking about one of these subjects:

Work, economy, problems, debt, car…

All these subjects are highly boring to women, if you want to get her running away from you, use them all the time.

Try to talk about what women love to talk about: emotional issues, psychology (play the psychiatrist) and my most favorite one:

Just fun talking.

Just talk for the sake of being fun and being funny .