How to Date Rich Women

Follow these easy steps to find and date rich women.

Dating rich women can seem like a very difficult task, after all they do have the mean to fulfill every one of their desires and needs and they have dozens of men throwing themselves at their feet every single day!

Not really!!!

I’ve once dated a very wealthy woman; she had a very big chain of stores in Spain and was passing her “weekend” in England.

I know, this can seem like a fairy tale story, but the reality is that we tend to forget that rich women are WOMEN after all and they have needs and desires too.

Here, I’m going to show you the steps I’ve done to not only date this rich woman but also make her like me and think that I’m the most interesting and unique man on this planet.

First of all, I’m no model, I’m not a very tall guy, I’m not that handsome and I’m far away from being rich.

I still work with a consulting company in Morocco, I’m pale white and I’m the nerdy type.

Not your typical Don Juan :) but I’ve managed to seduce that woman and make her call me herself and even pay dearly to come visit me.


I was a man to her.

Look at the reality, most guys will sell their souls to the devil to date a woman, and I don’t mean a rich woman, just a woman who can give them a little intimacy.

Do you think women like this?

Not the least, women hate men like this, men who will underestimate themselves and will belittle themselves for some sex!!

What women are looking for is a real man, a man who can stand for himself, who is confident and very sure of what he likes and who he is.

Here are the steps I’ve done to meet and date a rich woman.

The first step is concerning the way you look.

If you read the posts on this website a lot, you may have noticed that I will write about this every single time.

I’m no fan of fashion or a fashion victim, but I like to be neat and good looking, plus, it will get me a lot of praise and compliments from beautiful women.

In the past, media used to portray men as ugly, dirty beasts!!

It’s not the reality; the most successful men have always been those men who were the best looking and the most attractive.

To seduce and date rich women, you have to be good looking; you have to give them a reason to like you and to be interested in you in the first place.

Try to read the articles on the body language section to know more about becoming the best looking man for women.

The second thing for dating rich women is to be daring.

Daring is another word to say confident.

If you are not confident around women, then they will not see you.

I like to think that women have a radar for confident guys, they will detect them at the moment they are going to see them.

To become confident around women, you need to start believing in yourself and taking little steps each and every single day to achieve new challenging things for yourself.

For example, at first, I hated to approach women and to ask them for a date, I wasn’t very confident.

This is what I’ve started doing:

I started by saying five “hi!” to women every day, then I progressed to saying thirty, after a few weeks, I started smiling and speaking to strange women.

Now, I’m very confident and very self-assured.

It’s a number’s game, you have to start with very little victories and then move on to bigger ones.

That’s the best way to become confident around women.

Let’s talk now about the best places to meet and date rich women.

Rich women are a very rare species, you won’t find them at your local supermarket or your local gym, they are going to be at very private places and it’s going to be very difficult for other men to see and approach them there.

However, there are some places that they have to be in; it’s a must for them.

You should be at those places and seize your opportunity very fast when you see it.

The first place I’d like to give you is the gas station

You may think that this is a very lame place, but think again!

What do rich women drive?

Mercedes and other luxury cars.

Do these cars run on air?

Of course not, they need gas and lots of it!

That’s your opportunity.

You don’t need to start working at a gas station; all you need to do is go to gas stations every now and then.

This means that you don’t need to fill the tank up!

Just put in some few litters, when it’s time to refill, go to a station in a very classy and rich neighbor and stay there a little longer.

The second place to meet and date rich women is the hotel lobby

You may now think that it would cost a fortune to go to such places, but the reality is that you don’t need to go book a room there, you only need to go there and have a drink.

I met the rich woman in a hotel lobby, we were having a meeting with some of our clients, I went to drink something when I saw here walking next to me.

I didn’t know about her fortune then, so I went and approached her like every other “normal” woman.

I was very funny and confident with her, she gave me her number and on our date, she came driving a freaking Jaguar!

The next place is the church

You shouldn’t go to a poor neighborhood’s church, you will find only poor and broke women!

You should go to a rich neighbor church.

The fourth place is Wholefood stores

If you’ve got one in your town, you will be very lucky and most women you are going to meet there are either rich or health freaks.

The next place is the open air

Jogging is a great sport, and if you go jogging in a rich neighborhood at eight or seven, guess what, you won’t find poor women at that time, only the women who have got plenty of money and time to spend.

The next step to dating a rich woman is what to say to them.

This is the most difficult one, so pay close attention.

It has all the good tactics to approach women and be the man they desire.

Talking to a rich woman is totally different from talking to an average woman.

For example, if a rich woman finds out or sees that you are very sensitive around her and a bit of a needy guy, she will throw you away immediately.

What rich women want is a very MAN; they want you to be very confident and highly ARROGANT.

Don’t try to seduce them by sweet words and compliments, they won’t work on them, what you need to do is be extremely cocky and funny with them.

Tease them a lot and make them laugh.

And one more thing, don’t bring the subject of money or that you are poor, when you take her out the first few times, you are the man, soon she will find it very difficult to meet you at Starbucks and then she’ll be the one inventing you to expensive hotels and VIP clubs.

Dating rich women can be very easy if you are confident enough, just don’t make yourself sound or look poor and you will do great.