Dating Christian women, a step by step guide

These are the best steps every guy should follow to dating Christian women; they are very simple yet very effective.

Dating Christian women can seem like a nightmare, after all, there are dozens of restrictions and many conditions to dating such women.

But if you commit yourself to reading this step by step guide and following its advices, you are guaranteed that Christian women are not only going to find you interesting, but they are going to enjoy your presence every single time they see you.

The first step to dating a Christian woman is to become a good catch for her.

What do I mean by a good catch?

I mean that you need to become the type of man a Christian woman would never think of leaving or dumping, the kind of man that women are going to think of themselves as very lucky when they meet you.

To become such a man, here are some few things to consider developing:

Becoming very clean!

I don’t mean that you need to be baptized again and clean of your sins, what I mean is being clean in your appearance.

Here is what I’ve noticed a lot in men: they don’t take good care of their physical appearance.

Want to drive a woman away from you? It’s easy, just smell bad, look bad and be proud of it!

Women are by nature very clean and careful about their physical appearance, no wonder they will do the same with men they are interested in.

If you want to make a Christian woman very happy, just be the best looking man.

How to become the best looking man?

Very easy, take good care of your clothes, in other words, don’t wear strange colors with strange clothes, wear a nice cologne, wear good looking shoes and take care of little details, like beard, hair and nails.

If you commit yourself to doing all these, you are going to look a thousand times better than the average guy.

The next thing to become a catch is to learn how to behave with people.

A lot of men are ruthless beasts, in other words, they behave very cruelly and very aggressively with other people.

Women don’t like this at all.

What women love in a man is behaving in a good way with other people and making them feel at ease.

This means that you have to smile at people and be very kind and respectful when talked to.

The third thing to become a catch when dating Christian women is to have some confidence.

Confidence is what will make a woman like spending time with you and enjoy your company.

Let’s talk now about the best places to meeting and date Christian women.

You may have read on the internet about hundreds of places to meet women, unfortunately, these places aren’t the best for dating Christian women.

The best places are: the church, of course, community gatherings and your friends.

Meeting women in church was a very old custom that our grandparents did, however, if you dare tell someone about it nowadays, he’s likely going to accuse you of being the devil!

This is because churches have taken the image of “very” holly places.

It’s true, they are holly, but being serious and asking a woman for a serious date isn’t rotten at all, in fact, it’s the one of the best religious deeds you can do.

The next place is community gatherings.

Whenever there is a local gathering, just go there too.

Soon, you are going to meet lots of people and among them lots of interesting women.

If you have done a great job when preparing and you look perfect, you will find it very easy to ask women for a date.

Most of them will not say no.

The third best place is not really a place, it’s asking your friends to find you a suitable date.

A friend of mine went to his mom one day and asked her if she knew a good Christian woman, she told him about her neighbor’s daughter, they dated for a short while and soon they got married.

It’s the old fashioned way of meeting women and it is still working today.

The next thing to pay attention to is what to talk about and what not to talk about, what to do and what not to do.

Here are the dos and don'ts:

Don’t, judge her on her ideas, don’t contradict her on everything she says, don’t kiss her on the first dates, don’t try to get her in bed, don’t talk only about religious matters, don’t talk about your past girlfriends, don’t see her every single day, don’t take her to clubs or gross bars!

Do talk about fun things, do listen to her a lot, do make her laugh, do tease her a little, do talk about your ambitions and future plans, do walk with her a lot, do see her less than three times a week, do compliment her less than once a month.

These are the basic steps for successfully dating a Christian woman.