Dating rich women, any issues?

I’ve written a post some weeks ago about dating rich women, how to do it, where to find them and how to behave with them once dating them.

Some days ago, I received an email from a guy asking me this question: “she is not very rich, but she earns more than me, any help?”

These are the exact words he used, I think I know what he’s talking about: a woman earning more than the man and whether it’s an issue in dating or not.

I think it’s worth asking such a question, especially if you don’t know a lot about how to handle such a situation.

Here is my main idea: it’s ok, but you have to be careful.

Don’t be astonished by me agreeing that it’s not a big deal, if you are the man and holding your role with her well, then everything will be great between you two.

However, for most men, things are not going to be the same.

Most guys are going to think long about it and are going to start figuring some ideas around themselves and would start having huge doubts on their abilities, for example, a man would think that because she earns more than him, she has the right to have more power than him in the relationship and that she can command him and even disrespect him when he has done something wrong.

This is what will make most men fail to achieve a great balance between themselves and the woman; this is what is going to make such a deal bad between the two.

Whenever doubt installs between a man and a woman, things will never be the same.

Here is what a man should be thinking when the woman is making more than him: “yes, so what?!”

That’s all you need to think about when confronted with a similar situation.

Because if you start thinking in terms of pennies and dollars, you will tear any affection you have for each other’s.

The best way I’ve found so far is to be able to hold your end of the deal, this means that you can pay for her and provide for her and then let her do whatever she wants with her money.

This will bring me to the next thing I’d like to talk to you about: thinking that you and a woman are equal.

It’s not the case; a woman is very different from a man.

A woman wants her man to be able to pay for her and provide for her, this doesn’t mean that he should pay beyond his abilities and earnings; he should just be able to earn a decent living.

You are wrong if you think that she ought to split the bills with you and pay the expenses of living with you, women may have earned great liberties, which is great, but deep down, they still want to see that it’s you the man who is carrying the household on your shoulder and that you don’t ask her for help!

Women pay close attention to this a lot.

If you don’t like the idea of her earning more than you, then you have to find fault in you and not her.

Simply accept your role and be ready to be a man to her, she could earn a million bucks a day and still be a woman at the end of the day, and if she doesn’t like what you can give to her, then she is free to leave.