Do all women cheat?

Nowadays we keep hearing and seeing cases of women cheating on their men so often that we think that most women are cheaters I'm not to be trusted!

Believe me, so many men are scared of being cheated on by their women and are completely frightened of other men and competition they bring to their marital or romantic life.

A friend of mine even once told me that he was so scared that his wife was going to cheat on him that he started spying on her by installing applications on her smart phone and computer, he even went to install hidden cameras around their house!

So, do all women cheat?

I have to tell you the truth about this one: most women are going to cheat on you if they are not satisfied!

However, for some women, cheating is going to be in the form of going and sleeping with other men, however for the majority of women, cheating is fantasizing and having sexual thoughts of being with other men and that's it!

In other words, all women are going to cheat if they are not taken care of, however in this post, we are going to focus on cheating with other men.

You must understand that no woman is going to cheat because she is satisfied with her husband or boyfriend; a woman is going to cheat because she is lacking something very important to her.

Do you know what it is?

Unfortunately most guys do not know what women need from them and that they will become prone to cheating and may even be cheated on on several occasions without them ever being aware of it.

I keep reading horrible stories on the internet about guys finding that their children are not really theirs or that their wives have been cheating on them for several years!

This is the reason why I keep telling guys that the most important investment to make is to learn how to satisfy a woman emotionally, sexually and intellectually.

Emotional satisfaction is related to making the woman scared of losing you and aware that you are the best man for her.

If you achieve this kind of emotional satisfaction in a woman, she would never cheat on you even if she is sexually unsatisfied.

It is because women are governed by their emotions and will not allow their sexual desires to control their emotional desires.

Unlike men, women are not controlled by their sex drive, for example, a man cannot live without orgasms, however a woman can spend years without ever having one.

For women, it is all related to their emotions, if they are not satisfied emotionally or extremely worried or stressed, they are going to look for an outlet, sometimes this outlet is going to be cheating with other men.

As long as you are satisfying a woman emotionally by listening to her and being close to her, she is going to respond sexually to you, however there is a limit!

If a woman, even if she is satisfied emotionally, isn't satisfied sexually, she is going to feel bored and this is going to reflect on her emotions very rapidly.

This is the reason why you have to start learning about women's sexuality and how they "work"!

You must learn about how to please your woman, if you do not, someone is going to do it for you!

I'm sorry to say this, but this is how things work.

The best advice I can give you on this subject is to read, not any book, but a specific book called: she comes first.

If you apply the techniques and advice explained in this amazing book, women will never cheat on you, I guarantee this.

So, do all women cheat? The answer is yes, but only if they have to.