Does romance work with women?

I’ve just watched a Hollywood movie with a friend of mine. I had to. It’s the kind of media you will find all the time on TV, movies...


It was a romantic movie.

While watching that movie, an idea came to my mind:

Why is the main character always pursuing the main female character? How come it has worked for him? And most important, does romance work with women?

This is why I’m writing these lines.

To answer the question of whether romance work or not, we have first to define romance.

According to media, romance is showing your love to someone else by different means (I’m paraphrasing here).

Back to attraction and seduction now, we can notice from the previous definition the two words: showing and love.

We must be very careful about those two words, because when dealing with dating, they must be present, but in a hidden way.

how come?

In order for you to seduce her, you must be mysterious, and you can see now where I’m heading to.

By showing her that you are in love, you are killing the essence of mystery, and she will hate you for it.

So, the answer is no, romance, in an excessive way, is harmful for attraction. And we can define excessive by saying you love her once a day ,complementing on her looks all the time, giving her flowers and chocolate and buying her gifts , etc…

You can, instead of giving her the unnecessary stuff, be playful with her, do something that she is not expecting from you at that moment (call her from work to say that you miss her), be daring and risk taking, be confident.

You won’t notice it, but these will be the greatest romantic gifts you can give a woman.