Eight things to do after a divorce that will get you back in the game

 These eight things to do after a divorce are guaranteed to make you more attractive and will get you back fast in the dating arena.

This article is for both men and women.

A divorce is no easy process; it involves a lot of struggles, pressure and pain.

It will be even more devastating if you can’t get over it fast, this is the reason why you need to apply these eights things after your divorce, they will serve as a driving force to get you back on your feet and stronger than before.

  • The first thing is to go out

Most people that just got a divorce will do this: they will sit on the couch, eat junk food and remember all the things they went through and how their lives are miserable ….

This is too bad and you need to avoid it in order for you to get your strengths very quickly.

Most people will tell you that after a long marriage that ended with a divorce, they lost most of their friends and will feel very alone.

This is normal, what’s not is crying over it and doing nothing.

So, your assignment is to make at least two special days a week for going out, no matter what.

A good example is Friday night and Saturday night, commit to go out meet new people in these days, if you feel more comfortable, add more days.

The second thing is to do nothing

I mean nothing in what concerns women, make a commitment to just chill out and not try anything with the other sex.

Most people are going to argue with this idea and think that the best thing is to meet another woman to forget about the last one.

I don’t agree, most divorced people are too hurt to start dating again and have been away from dating for so long that they won’t know what they need to do, this will only create more failures and frustrations for them and even a depression and a feeling of “it’s not use, I’ll always fail with women”.

The best thing is to go out with the intention of meeting new people, you are not there to find another woman, you are just going out to have fun and to have some laughs.

And if you happen to meet a woman there, this attitude will make her more attracted to you because you won’t be chasing her and making efforts to get her.

A great thing is to spend at least three mouths with yourself, single, try to read and do the activities you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship, buy some self-help books and tapes and listen to them, go to concerts, shows , visit other countries…

Spend some times with your wounded self.

  • The third thing to do is to accept things as they are

Many will argue that it takes five years to get over a divorce, others ten days …

Whatever the feelings and emotions you are experiencing, accept them as part of your healing process and that it’s ok to feel like this.

Don’t compare yourself to others, you are a different individual and as so you are going to require different adaptation time.

Don’t rush yourself, if you feel pain, accept it as a natural process, if you feel injustice, accept it.

Your assignment in this phase is to get yourself a journal and start writing how you feel about yourself, the world, and especially the other person.

No matter how long it will take, you will get over it.

  • The fourth thing is to go meet women

Not just for dating, but for making friends as well.

I’ve provide in this article some amazing places to go meet women of your type.

Your objective is to make friends with women, see them as friendly and very fun to be around.

They will be your key to meeting new women to date.

Enjoy being single again.

Go get yourself some new clothes you like, some new shoes, take care of yourself and your body.

Many men will start drinking and smocking after a divorce, you need to start doing sport and eating right, think of it as a new opportunity in your life for meeting a greater, more fun person.

A friend of mine was devastated when his wife left him with two of his kids; she took everything he owned too.

He couldn’t handle this and was even thinking of suicide, but, he applied these same procedures and he met a gorgeous woman within three months, he took the time and learned from his mistakes and now is living a fantastic life with her and their three kids.

  • The fifth thing is to create a profile on the internet.

There is nothing more convenient for dating and meeting women than the internet.

There are probably millions of website that will help you meet new women.

Get yourself a fantastic picture, go to sites like hot-or-notand post many pictures of yours, the best ones are the ones you will publish in your profile.

The aim here is to have fun and, who knows, to meet a great woman in your area.

I’ve written a great article in how you should talk to women online, you need to absolutely read it.

  • The sixth thin to do after a divorce is learning to forgive and not forget
There is a fantastic saying: “The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.”

You have to be wise in this situation; learn to forgive her for what she did to you and how painful it is for you now.

Learn even more to forgive yourself and to stop injuring your self emotionally by using negative self-talk, learn to talk kindly to yourself and appreciate whatever you’ve got now, after all, you are way much better than some other people.

However, you should learn from your past mistakes and commit to taking great lessons from them and to not “forget”.

  • The seventh thing is to stop looking for sympathy

I’ve witnessed many men crying and sobbing when they are with women.

They think that this strategy is going to make her attracted and feel sympathy for them.

In reality, what happen is that the woman will be nice and understanding, but when she leaves, she will feel relieved to get away from these men, because they were such a burden on her.

Try to keep your stuff for yourself and think about it for a minute: what if you meet a woman who from the very beginning started loading you with her issues with her divorce and other problems she is facing?

You will feel miserable and depressed and you wouldn’t like to stay long with her.

Keep your emotions and troubles for yourself, people will never care about them or for you if you bring them.

People love to feel great and if you know how to provide this feeling to them, you will become very valuable.

  • The eight thing to do after divorce is to move slowly  

In other words, don’t rush things with women.

Take things very slowly and enjoy yourself with women, don’t rush them into a relationship.

I’ve heard some people say that the best thing to do after a woman have left you is to get another woman.

This is wrong, as explained before; I think that the best thing to do is to get another “fantastic” woman.

“The best revenge is looking good” and a great woman whom you really appreciate and not use as a pain killer is even greater.

These eight things to do after divorce are really effective, you only need to give yourself time and a strong will .