Eight women to run away from

You can learn all the tricks and inner game there is about women, however, if you stumble upon a bad one, it will never help you; in fact, they are going to turn against you whenever you try them.

There are many women in this world; in fact, half of the population is made out of women.

So you may think that it’s not a big deal to find a good one to have a relationship with or even to have as a girlfriend for a short period, but the truth is that great women are rare and if you are unable to distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones, you will waste many months and even years of your life.

My friend was once dating this fantastic woman for three months, everything was going great and he liked her a lot, then one day, he saw her computer turned on, he wanted to check his Gmail and stumbled upon hers, he was very curious, read some of her emails and found out that she was having emotional affairs with a dozen other guys!

When he confronted her with this, she denied it at first, then he showed her a print of her emails and she start yelling and screaming at him, she broke everything near her and even threatened to beat her head against the wall and call the cops on him.

He dealt with her intelligently and called a neighbor quickly, the neighbor and his wife saw how badly she behaved and he escaped being charged with conjugal violence!!!

Women are dangerous if you don’t know whom you are dealing with and the bad thing is that even if she is the one who have wronged you first, the law will usually be on her side.

Better find a good one than being in hell with a bad one.

The first type of women to never date is the nice.

By nice, I mean those women that will treat you super nicely, bring you nice things, say nice things to you and sacrifice themselves and their times for your happiness and comfort.

From my experience, these are terribly bad for dating.


You may think that these nice women are great, but the truth is that their niceness is just a trap to get a man into a relationship with them.

And you may even notice from time to time that she will behave bitterly with a friend of hers but she will be sweet and caring towards you.

She will usually be very caring towards you and even tell you frankly and directly that she likes you!!!!!

Off course, there are some genuinely nice women, but they are rare, avoid this type once and for all.

The second type of women to avoid dating is the needy.

She will call you a dozen times, she will text you every half an hour, she will get mad at you if you don’t do her a favor or if you don’t call her, she will be extremely jealous when she sees you with another woman, she will make suggestions about being in a relationship and her moving with you . . .

She is needy and she wants a man badly in her life.

If you are a weak, naïve guy, you can think that she will be a great woman for you; however, the reality is that she will give you hell when you are with her and she will not leave you alone, ever!

The third type is the cheater.

This type can be very difficult to guess and to recognize but I’ll give you some tips I’ve found out to be very revealing:

1.       She will be emotionally weak, she can’t live without compliments and praise from you.

2.       She needs other men to approve of her and like her.

3.       She is a big flirt.

4.       She will smile a lough with every guy who approaches her.

5.       We call this type: easy.

You will see this type trying to tease other men, putting herself where other men are going to find it easy to approach her, can be approached by many men and she flirts with anyone of them.

This is the type of women my friend got as a girlfriend; she didn’t have enough men approval in her life, so she went and got a lot from other men.

This type is usually the result of a woman lacking as a child a strong father figure in her life.

The fourth type is the C unning.

We usually call this one a gold-digger.

When you meet such a girl, she will try to get as many favors and stuff from you as possible.

I met once at a nice place a very beautiful woman, her first reaction to me was “why don’t you buy me a drink and we can talk then?” I teased her about it and didn’t want to.

I got her phone number and met her some days later, her first reaction then was to criticize the place we went to and tried to suggest a better (expensive) “hotel lobby”. . .

I didn’t agree, and after some few days, she wasn’t answering my calls, I knew that I’ve stumbled upon a nasty gold-digger, I didn’t call her since.

Whenever you feel that she wants you for your cash, run away.

The fifth type is the sad and depressed one.

I tend to notice that a lot of guys are willing to date any woman as long as they get a sex with her.

And I’ve seen a lot of guys dating terribly gloomy and sad women for the same reason as mentioned.

Don’t sell yourself short, if she isn’t fun to be around and isn’t making you laugh or she talks about terrible stuff all the time, then by all means run.

The next type is the “never do a good thing for you” type.

I haven’t found a name for this type yet, but you’ve got an idea from the tittle.

She is that woman whom you will buy something nice for her, whom you will compliment on her looks once in a while, whom you will drive home with your car every time, whom you will give you warm jacket on a cold night. . . but she won’t do anything nice for you, she won’t even allow you to kiss her!!

She will suck your energy and good will with her while giving you nothing.

You will know this type when you meet it.

Run away too.

The seventh type is: the “nice as long as. . . “ type.

I hate these women a lot; they will be very nice and kind towards you as long as you do them favors or buy them stuff.

They aren’t gold-diggers, they won’t exploit you for your money, they want you to do them great things all the time so as they can be nice to you.

One girl I used to date, when I was just starting to learn about women, would not talk much to me or even smile at me, but the moment I’d take her to a nice place, she would get all charged up and even complimenting towards me.

The eight type of women to avoid dating is: the guyish ones.

These are nice women usually, but not for dating and relationship purposes.

These women will do this usually: they are going to approach you first!

It will happen to you.

They will come up to you and start a conversation with you, then, you as a gentleman, you are going to ask for their numbers and you will get it. . .

It’s a very bad thing to date this type of women, they are very manly and their confidence and self-assurance will give you a bad time when you are with them.

I have this rule in my life: I avoid dating women who approach me!

Take this advice: look for highly feminine women who are very tender and can be led by you, I’m sure that you’d find my words degrading, but from my experience, they are the ones that will love a manly guy and will be very rewarding to you.

God luck!