10 Flirting questions to ask women

These ten flirting questions are going to make you appear so attractive and confident looking to women that they will be looking for pretecses to call you, hang up with you and talk to you.

It’s true, when women are attracted to you, they will do the first move, they are going to take all the risks, and they are going to shower you with compliments and gifts.

In other words, you will be damn spoiled :-)

But first, to arrive at this stage, you are required to learn an essential skill in dating and getting success with women, and this skill is called flirting.

In simple words: flirting can make you or end you when it comes to women, it’s important that you know the right ways and proper ways to flirt with them.

One of the best ways to flirt with women is using flirting questions.

But if you use these ten simple flirting questions, you will have the same success in less time and less efforts.

Flirting question number one is: answering her questions.

It’s not a question, but it’s worth mentioning first.

I’ve had most of my success using this one alone, and I can assure you that this simple method can get you as much results as the rest of the other questions combined, so pay attention.

Answering her questions the right way is essential; in fact it’s the first step to making her interested in you.

Needless to say that if you answer a woman’s questions in a boring, predictable, manner, she will hate the day she met you or the person who introduced you to her.

I see that a lot of guys are trying to learn about techniques, learning by heart pickup lines and other tricks, but they will simply forget about this one essential thing, answering her questions in a cocky funny manner.

Here are some of the most common questions asked by girls and the best answers you can say to them:

“How old are you?”:

“I’m old enough to drink”, “none of your business”, “wow, you are so attracted to me”, “let me think, I was born at the time George Washington was a teenager, this makes me sixteen”, “do you want me to buy you beer?”, “mind your own business”. . .

“What do you do for a living?” :

“people have long admired my ass and I thought I should make a career out of it, I’m an ass model (and you turn around and make her have a look at your ass (no naked stuff though)”, “why?”, “I’m a retired male stripper”, “I love my job, I think I’m serving people the right way and I love contributing to my community, I’m a garbage man”, “I just date old women, get all their money and run away with young women until I run out of cash, this reminds me that I don’t have a lot right now (and you start looking at an old woman walking near you and say a little loud “why not!” “, I’m an expert nail polisher at L’Oreal Canine Beauty Institute”. . .

I think these will set you on the right course with any woman.

You need to remember that you must have the right body language for this to work right for you.

The second flirting question to ask women is: are you dumb?

Wow, I’m not insinuating that you need to insult her, no, not this!

A lot of the things you are going to read about here are going to sound so damn humiliating to women and if you are not confident enough, you will think that they are going to hurt her and that it’s not right to say such things.

I assure you, all what you are going to read here is “women-friendly”, in fact, they love guys who will say these to them and will have much respect for them than with weak “nice” guys.

“Are you dumb?”

When you are talking to her and she seems quite distant, simply ask her this question.

She will turn to you and think that it’s an insult, then simply tell her this: “you’ve got the most gorgeous male specimen sitting right next to you and you don’t take advantage of him?!!! You are so dumb!”

This is quite cocky and funny and a lot of women are going to start laughing and even teasing you a little.

Then I’d start showing her, in a sexy provoking way, my muscles, my legs, my ass and even show her a little “male cleavage”. . .

The third flirting question is: did you just fart?

I know, gross stuff but dude, it works every time!!!

Remember, flirting is simply talking playfully to her.

When you are both talking and having a little fun, just ask her this.

You will love the result and she will probably become red with anger and laughing at the same time.

Usually, I’d close my nose and even do as if I’m fainting, then I’d tell her that I’ve lost my sense of smell and that she should be ashamed of herself. . .

The fourth question is: did you just grab my ass?

When she is walking next to you, ask her this question.

Then tell her that you’re fed up with women grabbing your ass all the time and that it’s very difficult these days to be such a great looking guy!!

The fifth question: do you have Smallpox!

Women are very clean and take very good care of themselves.

Whenever I’m with a classy woman who is too clean in my opinion, I’d find something to notice about her hair, nose, or face and then I’d accuse her of being infected with a dangerous disease.

Be confident with you accusations and try to even run away and do as if you are scared you may get contaminated.

The sixth question is: aren’t you ashamed?

Try to talk about a semi-dirty subject like prostitution or promiscuity for example, she will feel shy at first and will not talk confidently about it, but after some few minutes, she will voice her opinion.

When she says something about sex, ask her this question and do like the church lady, start praying next to her and “ask god to forgive her for she has sinned”. . .

The seventh question is: what’s wrong with women these days?

This one is quite similar to the ass grabbing question.

Women will compliment you and even touch you when they like you.

When she does, look at her, stand up and say this question to her.

You then tell her that you’ve had enough of being treated like meat and that you are a human after all and that you want women to respect you and want you for who you are intellectually not just for your “magnificent body” and “sexy muscles”.

The eight flirting question is: do you find me sexy?

When you buy new clothes, do the model for her and then ask her this question.flirting by praying

Whatever her answer, just keep on praising yourself and showing your covered ass to her and why not your “six pack”, even if you have a flabby stomach.

A friend of mine who is very overweight will do this a lot and women will simply crack a laugh and think that he is very sexy.

The ninth question is: is it true that women don’t care about the size and only care about the man’s personality?

Whatever her answer to this question, accuse her of being pervert and that she should have an education, then take something next to you and start hitting her with it.

After you’re done hitting it her gently and in a cocky manner, tell her that you were talking about a man’s bank account and keep on accusing her of having a dirty mind

It’s quite funny this one.

And the tenth flirting question to ask women is: were you a good girl?

When you are about to kiss her, stop and look her right in the eyes, and then ask her if she was a good girl.

Make her believe that kissing her is a deserved thing and that she is the lucky one.