From appearing to being, a journey of the self-fulfilled man

Whenever I try to read an article on seducing women or dating, I’ll always find a bunch of useless content about techniques and tricks!

Just try it for yourself and you’ll see a huge result in Google centering around these keywords:

“Ticks to seduce women”

“Techniques to get into her pants fast”

I don’t kid you here; it’s a real phenomenon I’ve been witnessing since the beginning of this century.

My question is: why do men look for such techniques and how can they truly succeed with women without becoming idiots?

It’s not easy to explain this, but I’ll try to give you my 2 cents theories on the reasons for men looking only at tricks and techniques:

The major thing you must first grasp is that we humans will always look for the least energy consuming action to do, the easiest, a shortcut.

This is the real explanation of this.

We tend to like the things and the processes that are require the least energy spending.

To tell a man that he has to wait four years before he will be able to meet women confidently and be an interesting man is like telling him that he will never do it.

The four year period may seem such a great lengthy time, but the truth is that it’s a fraction of your life and if you invest it, you will get a far greater return.

This is a huge thing I’ve always experienced with most of the guys who send me emails.

They seem shocked and horrified when I tell them that they’d have to wait or that a girl isn’t fit for them and they should move on.

I’ve had guys who even unsubscribed off my newsletter just because I told them frankly that they are going to wait at least three years before they can see huge positive results with women.

It’s true, three years is the minimum!

That’s the main reason for me writing this post: I don’t want you to be fooled by me or by others.

Meeting and succeeding with women takes a lot of time and a lot of frustrations.

Don’t believe the promising titles to “get a girlfriend in 24 hours” style.

They are not true, and even if you get a girlfriend by that time, you will most probably lose her in 24 seconds or less!

My advice for you is this: meeting women takes a lot of time and work, be ready to get frustrated and to lose your temper more than once, it will happen to you.

The second thing I want to discuss is what you need to do about this situation.

The answer may appear to be pretty clear, but it’s not.

You may guess that I’ll tell you to forget about easy techniques and to only focus on building confidence and self-esteem!

My answer isn’t that at all!

Here is my simple answer to you: apply techniques but always have in mind the greater goal of being a great confident man.

Most techniques you will find online are pretty rubbish, but there are some few ones that will rock you and get you amazing and positive results with women, like the teasing techniques you will find in my website.

Trust me, the most positive and successful techniques are already in this website and/or on my blog.

Yes, you can look elsewhere, but it will be pretty useless.

These days, I’m celebrating my fiftieth post on this website, and let me tell you that fifty articles in one website is huge.

Here you have all what you are going to ever need.