Funny pick up lines for women

After learning these funny pick up lines to use with women, you will never be stuck again when approaching and starting a conversation with a women.

A lot of people are going to tell you that to attract women; you will need to be rich, handsome, popular...

It’s the truth!

No, relax, it’s not.

To truly attract girls, you have to be funny, no need to give you proof of this, just look at successful guys with women, they are all very funny and it shows by the way they approach women.

Use these funny pick up lines for women to make them truly impressed by your humor and your confidence.

And I shouldn’t tell you that humor and confidence are the major traits women are looking for in men.

The best thing these funny pick up lines are going to do to you is that they will make you look highly confident to women.

Here are the funniest pick up lines to use on women, each one comes with a brief explanation on how to apply it and in which situation.

  • The first funny pick up line is “are you a terrorist” 

Whenever you see a women carrying a heavy or big bag or anything suspicious, simply look her right in the eyes and tell her:

“What are you carrying on that bag? A gun? Are you a terrorist?”

Don’t make the mistake of keeping a very prolonged eye contact with her, she will get scared.

You look her right in the eyes with a very confident and gentle smile, deliver your funny pick up line and then start looking at her bag.

  • The next pick up line is: “how old are you” 

This one is very funny if you say it with the right body language (eye contact and a little smile)

Whenever you see a woman wearing a colorful shirt or some very cute sneakers, you tell her: “excuse me, why are you wearing this ….?”

Let her start explaining and then tell her this:

“Did you steal it from your little sister? How old are you in the first place?”

When you say this, at first make eye contact with her and shortly after, start looking at the “item” you are targeting while smiling a little.

  • The third funny pick up line for women is: the insult 

It’s not really an insult, you simple make a very daring remark.

This goes like this: whenever you see a woman wearing something very trendy and original, like a ripped jeans or some ripped shirt, you tell her: “where did you get this …?”

You look her right in the eyes as if you are truly interested in buying one and then when she starts explaining, use this:

 “The salvation army?”

You say this while making eye contact and shining a very nice smile.

  • The fourth funny pick up line is: the smelly 

When you are near a women, simply make as if you smelled something very bad, don’t say anything, simply look at her while holding your nose.

You need to know that women are very sensitive about their hygiene and will probably feel very weird when a guy suspects that they smell bad.

She will look at you, and you simply look back and tell her “why are you looking at me like that, I didn’t say it’s you! Wait a second, do you have a confession to make about it?”

  • The fifth funny pick up line is: the stalker   

Whenever a good looking woman is walking next to you or behind you, accuse her of following you and stalking you.

This will go something like this: “why do you keep following me?”

Look her right in the eyes while having a little smile, this will tell her implicitly that you are teasing her.

Whatever she says, tell her “I don’t know why this keeps happening to me, women follow me all the time, and I feel so used and cheap, I want them to find me attractive for my personality”

Make sure you say these funny pick up lines for women while having the right body language, and please, make sure that the women you are going to use them on look descent and are attractive.

If you risk using them on a low self-esteem women, they will feel miserable and you won’t be able to attract them.

This can easily be avoided, if a woman looks and has a great vibe about her, she will be fine and attracted to you, if she looks miserable and having some issues, run like wind!