How can I attract women???!!

I’m sure that most guys have asked themselves or another person this question: how can I attract women? The answer to it maybe complex for many men to grasp, but using these simple tips, you won’t find any more difficulties attracting women.

You have first to bear in mind that what attracts you to women won’t attract women to you.


Let me explain, for example, men are attracted primarily by looks; on the other hand, women are attracted primarily by character and personality.

You have to take this into consideration whenever you are trying to attract a woman, don’t fall into the assumption that she will be attracted by what you want to be attracted.

It won’t happen.

The first tip I’m going to give you is: for you to attract women, you have to be self-confident.

I know, this advice have been suggested millions of times, but do you really know what self-confident means?

I doubt that.

The last time I asked a guy to give me his thoughts on self-confidence, he started telling me about the way he walks and the ability to say “stuff” to women.

Well, it’s not that at all.

Self-confidence is the ability to trust yourself.

That’s all?


It’s simple, yet so powerful when it comes to women.

Women have these science fiction abilities to scan a man from far away and to know whether he has confidence in himself or not.

Guess what will happen if he has none?

Yes, he will be dismissed.

To develop self confidence in you, you have first to change the way you talk to yourself.

So many men are treating themselves like dirt all day long.

“I’m such a looser”

“How can I make such a dumb mistake?”

“I hate it when it happens to me …”

The result is that after ten or twenty years, he will become a fragile, fearful man.

Not attractive to women.

Change the way you talk to yourself from negative to positive and women will detect it immediately.

The second tip is being counted on.

 Yes, it’s a trait most guys ignore and they pay dearly for it.

Let me ask you this question:

Would you prefer a friend who leans on you all the time and expects you to make all the decisions?


A friend who takes charge and won’t let you take his burden?

The second one certainly.

Well, with women, this effect is multiplied by a million.

There is one thing a woman will despise; it’s a man asking her to lead and to take charge.

“Just choose a restaurant and I’ll take you”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Do you know any good places?”

“When should I pick you?”

Women don’t want this type of guys; they want decisive men who will take charge of everything, yes, everything.

Next time when asked by a guy “how can I attract women?”, remember that it’s all related to confidence and leadership, looks and money are only 0.1% of the equation.