How can men meet women easily?

There are lots of men meeting women these days, unfortunately, they are going no where! Find out how to truly meet women the right way by using these very simple tips:

They aren’t doing it on purpose; they just don’t know the how-to.

They still use the old usual ways of offering women flowers and showering them with compliments.

Well, these methods don’t and have never worked when it comes to men meeting women.

Follow these tips to make your self succeed with women.

  • The first tip is: find the right place to meet women.

You can’t attract women if you don’t first find women to attract.

There are a lot of places to meet women; however, most of them are bad, both for your money and your ego.

Most common places most men think of when trying to meet women are: clubs, bars, street …

These places can be fantastic, if you want to meet drunken girls and prostitutes.

The best places are: Libraries, Coffee Shops, your workplace, Supermarkets, classes…

These are the best places and the most abundant with beautiful women.

If you are serious about meeting women, you should plan your whole week on advance, where to meet them and when.

For shopping malls and the supermarket, it’s better to go there on Saturday and Sunday mornings, girls go there to do the shopping of the week.

  • The second tip is: the way to approach and start a conversation with her.

This is the most crucial moment, if you blow it, you won’t have other chances with her.

The best way to approach women is to let them first know you are interested and then to provoke an incident for starting a conversation with them.

It’s great to do the direct approaches where you go to women and ask them for their numbers, however, you are going to get a lot of rejections.

You first need to establish eye contact with her, and then go talk to her.

When establishing eye contact, you are going to receive either the go ahead signal or get lost signal.

Go ahead: she smiles or look down.

Get lost: she ignores you.

Then, you go and talk to her for some one or two minutes and get her phone number and move on.

  • The third tip when it comes to men meeting women is: how you should talk to her when you meet her.

This can be a tricky period for you; you have to appear confident and mature to keep on advancing with the woman.

This is why you need to keep her interested in you.

You do this by talking about subjects most women love: drama talk, playing the psychiatrist, teasing her, talking about love problems that your friends are having…

And avoiding talking about boring subjects like the economy, football games, debt, finance …