How to amaze a woman

Amazing a woman is just another word to paraphrase the word impress her.

Amazing a woman is making her feel great about you, feel attracted to you and feel confident about who you are as a man.

I’ve noticed that a lot of men will think that amazing a woman and impressing her is simply looking great and a question of what to do, but they tend to forget the most important part: how to do it.

I’ll show you what I usually did with a woman, in the past.

Now, I’m in a serious relationship.

And how women would find me amazing to the degree of calling me dozens of times to get dates with me.


Here is the first thing to do: be new to her every time you meet her.

Imagine this: you know a guy who will always talk about the same subjects, tell you the same jokes, bring you the same troubles about his life, argue over the same things . . .

Well, this guy can be you or any other guy meeting women.

All men will fall into this trap: they will meet a woman, do something and see that it’s working, soon they are going to repeat it every time they meet her.

Soon, the woman is feeling irritated and bored with him and she finds a way to either dump him or cheat on him!

Can you blame her!?

Here is what you need to be doing: whenever you meet a woman, take her to a new place, wear different clothes and talk about different subjects from the last time.

This sounds pretty basic, but it will never fail and you will always like the results it will get you.

The next thing to look amazing and to be amazing to her is: asking her about herself.

What’s the most interesting subject to you?

Yes, a subject related to you.

It’s what will get most people listening and interested. Something about themselves.

With women, it’s even more, if they were to choose, they’d only talk about themselves all day long and would kill anyone who will bring himself to the subject.

I tend to think of women as very egoistic, they want only to feel great about themselves.

In the case of amazing her, don’t make this a bad thing; use it to your advantage.

Here is what I do: I’ll ask her over and over about herself and I’ll let her tell me everything there is to know about her.

Soon, she’d call me and ask me out on her own, then she’d get very excited about seeing me and she’ll feel great about being with me.

This is what I call being amazing with women.

These are the only advices I’ll give to you, they work amazingly well and you will see great results if you apply them.