How to be cocky and funny with women

Being cocky and funny with women and girls is the best way you have to attract them, maintain your manhood around her and stay away from the friend zone forever, and I mean it.

Why do you think that some guys have more success with women than the rest?

It’s no secret; it’s simply because they know how to be cocky and funny with women and girls around them.

So, how do you become cocky and funny?

You do it by being daring, being cocky has the same meaning as being daring.

  • The very first thing you will need to master is your eye contact.

Wait a second, eye contact?

Yes, if your eye contact is weak, no matter how strong and funny your line maybe, women will always associate you with: loser.

Here is a simple exercise to make your eye contact powerful and daring with women:

Go to a mirror, take your stop watch (the one in your phone) and set it for three minutes.

Now, in these three minutes, you are going to hold eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Yes, you can blink.

Do this every day for twelve days straight and you will notice a huge difference in your eye contact.

One more thing, for your safety, don’t hold eye contact with guys a lot!

Holding eye contact with girls means that you like them, holding eye contact with guys means that you want to fight them!

  • The next thing to becoming cocky and funny with girls and women is to start: reading!

Yes, your next task is to go do some reading.

Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult, you will be reading only funny stories and things that are amusing.

Let’s be clear from the very beginning, if you aren’t funny, you can’t be cocky and FUNNY!

If you start reading funny stories and even jokes, you will truly become very funny.

It’s not a big a deal, when you are driving, instead of listening to the radio, listen to a funny show, instead of reading a novel or an article about the reproduction of the amazon aunts… read some funny jokes you printed online or watch some stand up comedy.

Chris rock is the bomb, watch him every day and you will become funny in no times.

  • The third thing is mastering your laughter.

I’ve been all my life a funny guy, well I was trying to be one, however, with girls, I always noticed that something was missing from my interactions.

Later I found out that I started laughing and giggling whenever I say something funny.

It’s a huge mistake if you want to be cocky and funny with women and girls.

Here is an example:

Imagine that a friend came to you, tells you a very funny incident he had while laughing and smiling. How would you feel about this situation? Funny? No way, I’d listen to him and think that he’s an idiot!

So, learn to master having a neutral face when saying something funny.

How do you do this?

Well, the only technique I’ve found that has helped me tremendously is to go rent some funny shows and comedies and not laugh!

Yes, don’t laugh even if you feel the need to.

You will notice something very strange: the more you try to stop yourself from laughing, the more you will laugh, no matter how hard you try.

This is the same situation with girls, when you are cocky and funny and don’t laugh, they will feel a huge need to laugh themselves.

So, go rent some funny shows or go watch some videos on YouTube that are very funny, a big thing I like to do is to go to failblog (in YouTube) and watch people making stupid things and try to not laugh.

After a short period of doing this, you will find yourself a “cocky ninja”.

Now, let’s talk about some techniques on how to be cocky and funny with women and girls.

  • Technique number one is to mimic what she does.

It’s childish! All childish behaviors done on purpose with women are going to come out as cocky and funny behaviors.

In fact, cocky and funny is to be stupid with girls while being proud and confident about it.

So, when you are with a woman, while she is talking to you, start mimicking her gesture and ways of speaking while exaggerating hugely.

If she speaks very softly, respond to her in a very effeminate and “gentle” way.

Remember, be cocky, if she asks you if you are mimicking her, tell her in a very confident way: YES.

  • The second cocky and funny technique is to do the parrot

This one resembles the last one with one exception; you say and do whatever she does, no need to exaggerate it.

A warning here, don’t overdo it, you will become a pain if you exceed three minutes of this technique.

  • The third technique is to ignore her.

When she is talking to you, simply take your phone and start playing with it, you can play on her nervous and do as if you are calling someone, if she tells you to stop, simply tell her: “YES, of course, so sorry”

When she starts talking again, ignore her again and start doing what you were doing before.

The same warning her: don’t become a pain in the …

  • The fourth cocky and funny technique is to hit her

Girls and women love to be hit!

It’s a fact, they like their men to be daring and bold, and hitting them is a great way to show this.

Don’t think here that you will bring a baseball bat and hit her on the head!!!

You do it gently.

Take a small stick and start hitting her on the arm

Make a small “sword” with fries or bread and declare war on her

Take a napkin, role it and start hitting her with it while saying “die die …”

  • The next technique is to be a slave to her

Simply, whenever she says something to you, tell her “Yes my dear” or any other “weak” responses.

She will go nuts for this.

These are the main techniques I use on how to be cocky and funny with women and girls, the great thing about them is that they will work every time with “normal” girls, if she doesn’t laugh at this, move on and go look for another fun girl.