How to become a pick up artist

Do you want to know how to become a pick up artist? Good, you've come to the right place; I'm going to show you how to seduce lots of women and how to become great with them every single time.

I've got this question asked to me a lot of times: how to become a pick up artist?

Nearly all guys have in mind a pick artist as a guy who is wearing strange clothes and funky boots with black painted nails and eyeshade!

The reality is that pick up artists are just normal guys like you and me, they look normal, they walk normal and they dress normal.

The only difference a pick up artist has of a normal guy is that he is great with women.

If you challenge a pick artist to go talk to any woman, he will do it and the best part is that he is going to succeed most of the times.

I’m going to give you the recipe to become a pick up artist, but first, I’m going to tell you this: it’s not going to be easy.

I knew a lot of pick up artists back in the UK, they were twenty five and plus, and they've told me that they've spent more than ten years learning the secret of women!

Ten years is too much for you, i guess, that's why I’ll give you steps to follow that will take you less than three months, if you want be as good as those pick up artists in the UK, practice my friend! And you are going to be highly successful with women.

The first step on how to become a pick up artist is to have self-confidence, lots of self-confidence.

The only difference there is between a loser and a great guy with women is self-confidence, the amount of self-confidence.

Don’t worry about it too much, because self-confidence is just another skill you need to learn.

Here is the secret I’ve found to become highly self-confident with women, it's to practice!

By practicing, I don't mean that you go to clubs every single night and talk to any woman you see, this will have a terrible effect on your life and your wellbeing as well.

By practice, i mean setting a schedule, weekly; of where you will be going and how many women you are going to talk to.

You don't need to start heavy, what you need is just little victories.

For example, this is how I practiced:

The first few weeks, i focused on saying thirty 'hello!' to strange women, the first ones were terrible and I was shaking from fear, but soon, i was very comfortable with this, then I advanced into saying 'hello! How are you?', then I kept advancing until I was able to speak to strange women like they were one of my girlfriends.

This is the kind of practice you need to be focusing on, not heavy practicing, just one step at a time.

Here is a nice schedule I've followed for one month to become a pick up artist:

First week: thirty “hellos” a day.

Second week: hello + how are you?

Third week: saying the usual hello and then asking her about directions (six women a day)

Fourth week: saying the previous and asking her for her phone number (with the objective of getting rejected at least six times a week)

You need to understand that to build self-confidence with women and to become a great pick up artist, you need to fail and be rejected, it's how our mind learns and it's the only way to acquire new talents with women and to become highly relaxed in their presence.

The second step on how to become a pick up artist is to take care of your outer looks.

A pick up artist will look different than the rest of the guys, it's a sure thing.

But those pick up artists that wear strange clothes are in the extreme!

In reality, to become a great pick up artist, you just need to look good and attractive to women, nothing strange or funky, just good clothes and a good hygiene.

The first thing to focus on is your hygiene, women don't like dirty guys, in fact, it's the one thing that's going to make you or break you when it comes to picking up women.

Try to shop for nice clothes that are not too vibrant in colors, like yellow or light green, I've got much success when wearing red and black!

Women love dark colors in guys.

Your shirt must be of a dark color and your jeans need to be either blue or black, the best jeans I’ve found so far are Diesel, you can find some cheap ones in eBay.

The next thing and probably the most important one on how to become a pick up artist is your shoes.

Whenever you go out to pick up women, they are going to first look at your clothes and then immediately at your shoes!

This is the reason why you need to shop for some amazingly trendy shoes.

The ones I’ve had the most success with are cowboy boots, chose the smaller ones, they are very handy and very comfortable.

You may think that they are going to cost a fortune, but I’ve got a nice little secret for you:

Go again to eBay and look only for second hand cowboy boots.

My most successful shoes are a pair i bought three years ago, and they are still rock solid, brown alligator skin shoes I bought for Thirty bucks (including delivery)!!!

The only thing you need to be careful about is taking good care of your shoes; trendy shoes that look dusty and old are not attractive at all.

The next thing on your appearance is the way you smell.

Women are going to notice immediately if you smell good or bad, and they are going to pay great attention to this!

That’s why you have to shop for a great cologne, my advice is to go to a shopping center and ask a girl for a cologne, by the way, I use Marc Jacobs Men, a great smell if you can find it.

Let’s talk now about where to find women.

The best places I know to practice and to meet women are clubs!

Forget about the conventional places, clubs are the ones you need to focus on in order to become a great pick up artist.

They are packed with girls and if you did as I instructed on your outer looks, you are going to make a killing!

Just don't forget to be confident.

Here is what you need to be focusing on when trying to pick up women in clubs:

Avoid the drunken girls, you are risking jail!

Avoid girls in twos, here friend will be highly jealous and she will block you immediately, prefer the sets of three girls or more, don't worry, it's very easy.

Don’t chase girls, if one doesn’t want to talk to you, no need to run after her

Find a good wingman to help you with groups, optional.

Don’t go to clubs late, you won't get inside easily and you won’t find good spots

Go at seven or eight, no one will ask you to wait.

Don’t get drunk, pick up artists don't drink!

The fourth step (a bonus) is to learn some magic.

I know that you must be asking yourself now that this is a bit too much, but the truth is that most pick up artist will know a trick or two, or at least palm reading.

If you can use some magic with girls, you will find absolutely no problem picking them up.

It's not that difficult at all, there are thousands of magic tricks in the internet, just learn four.

Cigarettes’ magic and coin magic are the most attractive to girls.

This is it! that's how to become a pick up artist in three months or even less, just focus on your self-confidence and your outer looks, they are the most important parts.