How to build a strong relationship with a woman

I’m not the guy who will advise you usually on relationships because I don’t want to give you falls information!

But for the last years, I’ve been in a very fruitful and fulfilling relationship and I’m very eager to share with you what I think made all the difference.

If you don’t believe in relationships, then don’t read this post because it’s not going to help you much, however, if you are like me and think that the end result of dating a great woman is a relationship, then keep on reading, it’s made for you and only you.

Here is the thing I noticed about me and other guys too: nearly all men want to settle down and have their own families.

I’m talking here about strong healthy men, not the sick ones who just think about having sexual intercourse with different women and ending their lives with syphilis, alone and miserable.

All men I know think of one day settling and raising a family of their own, it’s not something logical to them, it’s emotional.

I’ve met a lot of women who think about getting into a relationship all the time, and it’s normal, but for men, it’s not verbally expressed a lot.

I’ll tell you about the things that have helped me create a strong relationship and how to apply them to your life too.

The first of the fundamental things to build a strong relationship is to have shared reality.

Whenever you see a man and woman succeeding in their relationship, you have to understand that they have both the same goals; they are both interested in achieving the same things.

You don’t have to have the same goals, like getting a red sport car in the next five years!

No, the goals I’m talking about are related to long term perspectives.

For example, me and my wife have got the following goal: staying together, rising kids together and reaching ninety together.

It may appear like something totally out of our control, but when we both start talking about it, it’s like cement between two different bricks, it unites us against troubles.

There are some days when I really hate my wife and wish to be alone again and spending all my nights and evenings in bars and clubs, but then I think of the long term perspective and that I really like being with her.

It’s important to settle down with your girlfriend and let her speak about her expectations, and then tell her yours.

The next thing to have a strong fulfilling relationship is to choose well.

This should have been the first point, I forgot to put it first!

When you are still dating women, don’t rush things for yourself.

I know that there are many guys who are eager to settle down with a woman and have plenty of kids with her and eat cereal together in the morning, however, this kind of thinking will lead you to very nasty future troubles.

Wanting something strongly is good, but it will tend to blind fold you when it comes to seeing reality.

I know a guy who met a nice woman, settled with her for more than nine months, and then one day he asked her about her wishes for kids, she then told him: “me? Kids? No way, not in a million years!”

He was shocked and angry at himself because he invested so much efforts, time and money with her!

He then looked for the first occasion to dump her and spent months of his life not being able to date other women because he simply lost hop!

You’ve got all the time you need when dating a woman to know what she is truly made of.

Here is what you need to do:

Find paper and a pen and write down the things you want in a girl to settle down with her.

Then when you are dating, try to ask women implicitly to find if they have got these things in them or not.

Whenever a woman fails at one of the things you are truly holding strongly to, let her go!

Don’t try to train her or make her into a person she is not, it will back fire on you.

The third thing to build a strong relationship is to stay a man.

I like a saying by Einstein, I don’t remember it very well, but it says something like this: the level of thinking that got you into where you are now will not get you into the future or something like this :)

Well, I don’t agree with him when it comes to women; here is what I like to say:

“The things that helped you get her interested in you while dating her are the ones that will keep her interested in you when you are together in a long term relationship.”

I know a lot of guys, who were great looking, were doing sport every day, had great self-confidence . . . but when they settled down, they thought to themselves that they don’t need to do the same efforts any more, this got them into some nasty problems with their wives and children.

Try to be a man now, learn about being strong and decisive, then just keep on improving yourself and always being stronger and more decisive; it’s what will keep her interested in you for the rest of her life.