How to build self-confidence with women

Apply these proven techniques and tips to not only build self-confidence with women, but also create a deep attraction in every woman you get to meet.

What attracts women to men?

A Ferrari, a great house, a well-built body…?

Yes, these can have some little effects on women, however, if you truly wants to create a great feeling of attraction in every woman you interact with, there is only one sure way and it is self-confidence.

Self-confidence with women is the number one criteria women are looking for in men; forget about sense of humor and other traits women will tell you about, if you can improve only one area in your life to start attracting women, it has to be getting a high self-confidence.

So, how to do it and how to display it to them?

  • The first thing is building self-confidence is to accept yourself. 

This is by far the most important thing to do to make women see you as a confident guy.

Just try to recall a very confident guy you knew, I'm pretty sure he wasn't the most handsome or the best looking guy, yet nearly all women liked him.

I'm sure that you must have noticed that he didn't care what other people's opinions of him and especially what other women felt about him.

He was real with everyone and most importantly with himself.

This is what accepting yourself means.

Try to never care about what other people might think or what they may do about you; if you have an idea and you feel that you shouldn't say it because people will look at you differently or might not accept you, do it.

At first everyone will try to put you back into your place as an 'obedient" friend or worker, but then, you are going to find that they will like to hang out with you and to be around you because you display so much confidence and assertiveness.

  • The next idea is to stop being and saying sorry

Sorry is the word that so many women hate to hear from men.

You are joking with her or simply saying what's on your mind and she gets upset, suddenly you will start saying so much "sorry" and trying to be a " good boy" again.

No, confidence means that you have to say what's on your mind without feeling sorry for anything or anybody; of course, you must never do this out of hater or insolence to others.

Base your actions with others on love and stay away from saying sorry when not needed.

  • The third issue is to never give others permission to bring you down 

You will see so many guys calling themselves in front of other people: "I'm such a looser /or …..", "I shouldn't have ….", "I'm an idiot…."…

Never do this, even when alone.

This is the main reason why most guys have so little self-confidence.

Instead of degrading yourself, look at what you did and try to learn something from it, use positive self-talk with yourself like: "I'm such a fantastic guy", "I feel great"…

When other people ask you: "how are you?" never answer with: "I feel really bad…" or any other negative thing about yourself.

People are like little planets, they will always orbit around stars.

Be a star, at least to yourself, and shine on others.

Never bring yourself down in front of the others or let them do it to you.

  • The next issue most guys will do that will show terrible low self-confidence with women is: lack of eye contact. 

Are feeling confident?

Why not try this little exercise: try to keep your eye contact with a woman on the street until she breaks it.

Nine guys out of ten cants really do it.

This is a great opportunity for you.

By having a strong eye contact with women, you will become "unusual' to them and very attractive.

It will show them that you are daring and able to take responsibility for yourself and others.

Women are amazing at reading your body language and one of the most important signs they will interpret in men's body language is their eye contact.

If a guy can't keep his eye contact with a woman, it will tell her so much about him and what he will be like with her in the future.


how do you build self-confidence with women?

There are many techniques that have proven very effective, these are two of the most efficient ones:

  • The first technique is the use of visualization. 

Your brain can't understand the difference between reality and imagination.

If you don't believe this idea, then why do you wake up with your heart beating so fast after a nightmare, after all, it was just a dream?

This is why imagining and visualizing your self interacting with women confidently is so important.

Trust me, this technique alone will make you one of the most confident guys a woman would ever meet.

It's very simple, when you wake up in the morning, take a little time to become fully awake and then go to a calm place in your house, take a timer with you, set the stop watch to three minutes, close your eyes and visualize yourself interacting with women in a confident mature way, see yourself talking to beautiful women, making them laugh…

  • The second technique is: Affirmations 

Affirmations are like ninja tricks to use whenever you feel yourself losing your confidence.

Here are my most effective ones that I use every time I start to feel down:

1. "I am a confident guy"

2. "I like myself"

3. "Everything works fine for me"

4. "Beautiful women feel attracted to me"

5. "I am natural attractive to beautiful women"

6. "I am powerful"


Simply repeat them over and over and you are going to notice that your mind will ease up and you would feel so much confident.

  • The third technique and the most essential one, a bonus, is to go outside 

Don't become a "know-it-all" in attracting women.

A great man once said that "an ounce of experience is better than a ton of theory".

Go out, meet real women and fail, in fact the most important lessons in your life are going to come out of failures.

Think of failing as a shortcut to learning.

How to build self-confidence with women is all about doing these techniques routinely.

Nerds aren't attractive to women because they are in their heads all the time and lack confidence.

Go out and meet women, this is what's going to get the real confidence you need to succeed with them .