How to get a girlfriend online

How to get a girlfriend online? Read these three steps to know how:

to get a girlfriend in the real world can be pretty challenging and a bit dangerous to say the least, you can get yourself rejected or treated badly by a girl and you’d need to make lots of efforts and hard work to make her like you and be impressed with you, however, to get a girlfriend online is relatively very easy and can be a great experience.

Why would you want to get a girlfriend online?

Here is something a friend used to do:

He is a sales representative to a leather company; this job required him to travel a lot and to spend most of his time outside his town.

Getting lots of girlfriends online made him never pay one single hotel bill, ever.

Wherever he would go, he’d find a woman waiting him there.

He would go to his boss and ask him months in advance about areas where he is to go, he’d get a list of cities and would go immediately to work!

This is very crooked, but it’s a way to show you that what my friend used to do really works, and I’m going to show you his way on how to get a girlfriend online.

You are required to make three steps, the second one is the most difficult one, but it should not be a problem is you follow my guiding the correct way.

The first step to getting a girlfriend online is to know the right place where to look for.

It’s not an easy step as you may have guessed; the big problem with this step is that there are many opportunities and websites where you can meet a lot of women.

Among these sites are yahoo chat and Facebook.

You may be tempted to choose Facebook; after all it’s very popular and has the most abundant number of girls in it.

If you do it, you are correct, Facebook is great, but you need to also check MySpace and yahoo chat!

The great thing I prefer about Facebook is that you can locate your women and you can put criteria in your research too.

What are you interested in?

Are you interested in getting a girlfriend online and then move things to the real world? Or would you like to find one online and just have an online relationship?

If you chose the first one, you must find a girlfriend in your area or at least somewhere near you so as to meet her.

And if you chose the second option, you can choose whatever women you like.

The second step is the preparation.

In this step, you need to make yourself look great.

The best thing about getting a girlfriend online is that you can seduce her while wearing your shorts and with your hair all messy, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in this stage, here is what you are going to need:

A good camera, or a good mobile phone and some nice clothes.

Then you need to either self-shoot your photos or ask a friend to do it for you.

One thing you must avoid at all costs is going to a professional and getting some great photos with him, it will look suspicious to most women.

The best thing to do after getting your pictures is to post them on sites like http://hotornot.com/ and publish lots of pictures and then wait for people to rate them.

The ones that will get more than eight are the keepers.

After publishing your photos, you need to make your wall (Facebook) very active, share some good and funny stuff and then spend sometimes with people you know there, your wall need to appear as active.

Then, go look for girls, the more you find the better.

Here is one thing you should avoid at all cost:

Never send an invitation to a girl accompanied with a personal message, this may seem like a good idea, but to a girl it will sound like you are hitting on her, girls don’t like you to be very explicit about hitting on them.

I’m going to tell you this quite frankly, most of the girls you are going to invite are not going to accept you or respond positively to you, but there is a ten percent percentage, in the worst cases, that the girl is going to like you and accept you.

After she accepts you, you need to start with the third step on how to get a girlfriend online, it’s talking to girls.

Facebook is great because they’ve got their chat application installed into their website and the best thing about their chat application is that a girl can’t hide from it, once she is online and chatting with another person, you will be able to see her and chat with her too.

The rule about chatting with a girl is to be fun, funny, very cocky and not needy at all.

When you talk to her, don’t try to seduce her, instead make her have a great time and enjoy herself when talking to you, you need to make her addicted to you and to your fun.

This way, she will be the one talking to you most of the times.

This is how to get a girlfriend online, now you need to think about taking things to the next level with her.