How to get a girl's number

There are so many guides in the internet that will show you how to get a girl's number, however, most of them are rubbish.

They will help you get one thing: trouble.

Use this easy step by step guide to know how to get a girl's number fast and with no troubles.

A lot of “experts” will advise you to use a certain method or trick on how to get a girls number; however, most of them don’t really work.

How I know about this?

Because I tried every single one of them and for the major part they sound very needy and don’t get many results.

The steps I’m going to give you are on the other hand very efficient in how to get a girl’s number, they are easy and don’t require a lot of hard work.

  • The first step in how to get a girl’s number is to approach the girl

Most guides are only dealing with the actual act of getting the phone number.

It’s fine, but if you don’t approach a girl in a right way, she won’t give you her phone number no matter what you do.

To make a great approach, you need first to establish eye contact with a girl.

Once that’s done, don’t wait one more minute and go approach her, because if you kept on waiting and thinking about the things to say to her or the way to walk you will build up anxiety and stress in you, which are a pain to deal with and to stop.

When approaching her, don’t do it from behind, in other words, she has to be facing you and knowing that you are approaching her.

  • The second step in how to get a girl’s number is what to say to her.

This is the most important step, not the actual “getting the number”, if you get this one fine, the next step will be very easy.

When going to approach her, don’t smile a lot and don’t show nervous attitudes, try to think of all the great things you are going to give her, the fun she is going to experience with you…

Go to her, say “hi” and then tell her this:

“I just want to say hi and go back to my friends (table, brother, reading my newspaper ….) (this will send her the implicit message that you are not needy and insecure), and to tell you that I find you amazingly attractive.”

Then you go away.

Wait a second, what about the number??!!

You have to give her a little shock:

Her: (he went to all this trouble to just say hi, who is this guy?)

  • The third step in how to get a girl’s number is get her number

This is it!

After moving away a little, turn forward facing her and ask her in a confident way:

“Do you have a phone?”

Don’t wait for her replies, just take a great looking pen and a clean piece of paper and hand them to her.

If she starts looking at you, just tell her: “write your number down”.

When she is writing her number, tell her to write down her name too, believe me, you won’t be able to memories her name from all the girls’ numbers these steps will get you.

I prefer to do a FPT “flacking prevention technique” whenever a girl gives me her number.

I take my phone, dial the number, if it’s fake, I play a little with her and tease her a little and ask her again for her real number.

These steps on how to get a girls number are amazingly effective .