How to get a second date kiss?

As far as I am concerned, a second date without a kiss is a failed date!

This is not to put pressure on you or to make you do crazy things on your second dates, but to only tell you that if you are not starting to become sexual with a woman on your second date, then you should probably stop seeing her and do something else!

To most guys, this is going to look superficial and even "cliché", but the truth is that women are looking for that second date kiss, and trust me, they will not initiate it by themselves, it is up to you, the man, to do it and to take all the risks.

So, how to get a second date kiss?

Unfortunately, this is not going to be answered with a technique or a trick, it has to be tackled from the roots and in order for you to get the woman to kiss you while feeling very confident and attracted towards you, you have to fulfill her deep and secretive fantasies about a true man.

Don't worry; I'm going to show you a step-by-step process where this is going to happen automatically and in a very natural and attractive way.

  • The first step towards getting a second date kiss is to be the man.

I'm sure that you've already heard this expression in movies and even while talking to your buddies, but do you really know what this means?

Unfortunately, most guys have no idea what this expression means, so let me explain a little what you have to do in order to become a man to a woman.

  • The first step is to always take charge of her.

This is probably where most guys will fail, at least nice guys, because bad boys are always going to care for themselves first then for the woman, which is highly attractive to women because it shows carelessness and high self-esteem and self-confidence, whereas nice guys tend to behave in a "needy" way, which suggests an unattractive self-image and self-esteem!

To give yourself an attractive self-image on personality, you have to stop caring about what women are going to say about you or things they may not like about your behavior.

And the only way to do that is to take charge of her and, of course, of you.

Next time when you are with a woman, pick the place to go to, the time, things to wear, as far as you are concerned, and even the direction.

Because what women hate the most about guys is being indecisive and not being able to take risks and decisions when with them.

  • The second step is to care less about her opinions of you.

By being the man, you are not to care about what she is going to say about you or what she may think of things you are doing, being the man means that you don't accept people's opinion about you and take them for granted, I don't mean here that you should ignore people and never care about their opinions, what I'm saying here is that whenever you are in a date with a woman, always have in mind that her opinions of you, most importantly, the negative ones, do not affect you and you are not going to judge yourself by her standards.

  • Now, let's talk about another very important thing to make a second date very successful, it is being appetizing.

I hate to use this term, especially when giving a man advice on women, but unfortunately most guys are not that appetizing to women, they smell "neutral", sometimes even bad, they have weak personality around them and they don't know how to dress properly!

For you to become appetizing, the first step is to smell really wonderful.

There are many colognes and perfumes you can use, but I personally prefer the "unknown" ones, those colognes that women love, but not so many men know about!

This is what is going to make you truly attractive and desirable to women.

  • Another very important step is to make the woman laugh.

To become truly attractive to women, you have to make them laugh and you have to make them have a great time, unfortunately, I cannot give you direct advice about this subject, the only tips I can give you is to never laugh at your own jokes and to always laugh after she laughs and to never use other stupid techniques such as riddles and very known stories to make her laugh.

Probably the most useful technique to develop a sense of humor is to watch funny shows.

In the past, I used to watch Chris rock and other standup comedians every day and even took notes!

This has helped me tremendously in improving my sense of humor.

Now, let's talk about getting a kiss on your second dates:

When you are done with your date and you are walking with the woman, simply keep looking at her eyes while having a hint of a smile, then stop her and take her hands, then look at her right in the eyes and smile, if she smiles back, even just a little, go for it, however if she is reluctant and you feel tension in her, keep on walking and making her laugh and whenever she is smiling and feeling comfortable around you, take her hands and kiss her lips.

Don't think that you should kiss her passionately for hours; a nice and intimate kiss is more than enough.