How to get the woman you want

This post is about a step by step method to get the woman you want!

It’s one of the most frustrating experiences that a man can ever experience.

Desiring a woman and not being able to get her.

This post will give you three steps, to get the woman you want.

Follow these steps to know what to do to get her to like you and appreciate you.

The first step to getting a woman you want is being rare to her

I have to say that this will sound very contradictory to you, but the reality is that it’s the most important way to get a woman you want very easily.

Here is in detail what you need to be doing:

The first thing is to be good looking and then appear to her.

It’s very important that she needs to notice you and see you, when she does, why not look at her too.

Secondly, you need to disappear.

For example, she saw you for a while and then you went away for some times.

This will make her notice you more the next time she sees you.

This can sound a little childish, but it’s the best and proven way to get her very easily.

The second step is about establishing your presence with her.

Let’s say that you’ve applied the first step greatly, now is the time to smile at her or just say hi.

Don’t go to her and say hi in a lousy way, this is why you need to learn more about body language.

Just gather your courage and confidence and then go to her and say hi, no need to stay next to her for a very long time, just say hi and disappear again.

Talking to her should sound like an accident, not something you intended to do.

Now, let’s talk about the third and most important step to get the woman you want: approaching her and getting her phone number.

I have to tell you one thing: you won’t get her from the first meeting or date, with women; you need to be very patient and very persistent.

To approach a woman successfully and to get her to like you from the first moment you’ve met her, you need to find an excuse to go talk to her.

This is the secret that very few men know about approaching a woman.

If you approach her and simply asked her for a date, you have almost zero percent chances of succeeding, because women don’t want to be viewed as cheap and easy!

The best thing to do is to find a reason to go approach her and talk to her.

Here is an example: you saw her in a coffee shop, go to her and ask her for advice about a nice coffee blend to order.

Trust me, no woman would say no to you or would reject you if you ask her about something real.

After asking her, keep talking to her a little bit and then ask her for her phone number.

A woman would immediately know that you went to talk to her in the first place to ask her out, but she prefers this method rather than the direct one.

These are the most essential steps to get the woman you want, to learn how to give her the best date with you, read my free report: click here!