How to look attractive to girls

How to look attractive to girls is all about combining the right attributes and styles. In fact, looking great to attract girls is a matter of taking care of certain things and details that most guys will ignore of even worse never have heard of. Do these techniques and additions become every girl's dream guy:

To attract girls, you have to be the best and the most appealing guy to them!

If you don’t, they will simply ignore you and behave as if you are invisible.

Don't worry, you will not need to get designer clothes and expensive stuff, only some good will and my "secret" techniques.

  • The first thing you have to do is have the right look

What do I mean by the right look?

It's is all about the way you are going to look in their eyes, and there is a very important thing here, it’s the fact that girls will put much attention on your details rather than what you are wearing. 

For example, a guy may be wearing all brand names clothes and all are amazingly matching each other’s, however a girl will totally feel repelled by him.


Because he has forgotten about the most important things, the details.

The details you are projecting to girls are the one responsible for you looking either ugly or handsome to them.

How to look attractive to girls demands that you pay very close attention to the following details:

The first one is you hair, never leave home with a messy hair or a bad haircut; the more time you pass selecting and taking advices from hair dressers , the better the result will be.

The next thing to pay attention to is your breath, it’s really essential, although it has less to do with looks, a girl will dump a great looking guy simply because his mouth smelled like a dumpster. The good thing to always do is floss every night before you brush your teeth and always take with you a breath spray or some mint tablets.

The third detail in this list is your teeth, so many guys are fantastically good looking, however they will only have half the desired effect on girls.


The teeth are immensely important for you to start looking great.

Try to whiten them; there are many packs available in eBay that will get the job done in only two or three weeks.

If you have some messed up teeth, fix them, no matter what the price.

A lot of guys have gone to Mexico and got really some inexpensive dental surgery.

  • The second thing you have to do is have the right shoes.

If you got all the details perfect and you forgot about this one, girls will start describing you as a handsome homeless guy!

Shoes are highly important, if you need to take care of one detail on how to look attractive to girls, let it be your shoes.

They have to look new, that’s the only thing you need to do.

Polish them regularly and make sure you got the perfect shoes.

You do this by looking in the shoe shop for an attractive girl and ask her to choose a pair or two for you.

By the way, girls love to play the stylist.

  • The third thing you have to do is have the right clothes

Again, expensive doesn’t mean great looking.

I know many guys who don’t wear brand names, yet they are amazingly great at how to look attractive to girls.

The truth is that you have to find someone who is in your age group and who knows about styles.

I like this technique a lot: watch a very popular and attractive guy for what he is wearing and items he has, and go get the same.

Don’t mimic him totally, add some things if you like, but the essential thing is that you need to never relay on your own taste as a guy, it doesn’t work.