How to make a girl laugh

If you don’t know how to make a girl laugh, no matter what techniques or tricks you’ve been learning, nothing will work.

Laughter is after all the greatest aphrodisiac for women, if you know how to make a girl laugh; you will have no problems getting them attracted to you.

Follow these tips to know exactly what to do to make a girl laugh:

It’s true, if you are unable to make a girl laugh, no matter what you do to her, she will never be attracted to you.

In these tips, you are going to find some very simple and amazing ways on how to make a girl laugh.

  • The first tip on how to make a girl laugh is what type of humor to avoid with girls.

Believe me, if you have to know one thing about how to make a girl laugh, let it be this tip.

If you try to make a girl laugh based on these humor tricks, you will fail:

  1. Don’t rely on jokes or funny stories
  2. Don’t use pickup lines on women to make them laugh
  3. Don’t do the dancing monkey to make her laugh ( laugh at yourself)
  4. Don’t laugh at others
  5. Don’t use political or racial , religious , old people …

Stay away from these and you will be good to go.

  • The second tip on how to make a girl laugh is the secret humor technique.

It’s not a secret anymore, but I just like calling it that way.

The secret humor technique is simply being daring, bold and teasing with girls.

This will sound stupid to some of you, but remember when you used to be a kid, what did you do to girls?

Right, you would call them names, make fun of them, give them a hard time, play funny tricks on them …

This is the same humor that you have to use now with girls to make them laugh.

The secret is to be daring and bold.

For example:

A girl has just told you that she needs a shower, the boring answer to this would be:

“Yes, sure”.

The daring answer and humorous one would be: (use a darting body language, look her right in the eyes and say: “I’m so glad you’ve noticed, I’ve been trying to tell you this the whole day!”

Trust me; a girl will know that you are making fun of her and you are teasing her.

This is the greatest kind of humor you can maintain with girls if you want them to feel attracted to you.

The real issue is that most guys don’t know what to say.

For this, I have this solution: think of the girl as a buddy of yours whom you tease and play with.

Girls don’t like serious guys and will find them very boring.

  • The third tip on how to make a girl laugh is avoid saying this after your humor:

Whenever you’ve said something teasing and daring to a girl, she would feel inside very secured and fine about you, however, she will try to see if you are for real or you are just faking it.

So she will test you by:

Appearing as if offended

Looking sad

Hitting you on the arm

Threatening to go away

This is normal and most girls will do it, the solution is to look them in the eyes and tell them:

“Don’t you have a sense of humor?!”

Trust me; girls will know that you are a great confident guys by saying this.

How to make a girl laugh is all about being daring and applying the right techniques.