How to make women want you

If you are a man, you are definitively going to ask this question at least once in your life: how to make women want me?


Because as a man, you want to be appreciated and loved for who you really are, you don't want to be left alone!

Moreover, you can't attract a woman if you don't make her want you, it's impossible.

This is a tough realization for all men, the idea that they are unlovable or that they can't make a woman want them.

In reality, it isn't really related to money, being a celebrity, the car you are driving …. These are all myths.

What make a woman want a man are three things, I'm going to list them here, they are very easy to apply, and you only need practice.

1. The first thing you need to make sure you possess is the right people around you.

This is truly the first thing you have to deal with in order to make women want you.

A lot of guys are really making the best efforts possible and are truly charming, however, they don't seem to attract women!

Most of the time it's 99.9% because they are with people that don't create the best of environment for attraction to happen.

If a woman sees you with negative people, unattractive people, mean ones … they will never find you attractive.

This is the reason why you need to select very wisely the circle of friends that are going to be with you.

Don't read this and think that you need to dump any "ugly" guy you know.

The term ugly should be used in this context for people you don't feel comfortable with.

I remember when I was learning how to make women want me, I used to hung around some very "ugly" people, they made fun of everyone around us, they gossiped others, they didn't pay attention to what they say, in short, they were mean to others.

Needless to tell you that no matter what I did, girls felt repelled by me all the time.

I couldn't figure out back then what was wrong with me, however, when I left that environment, I started to have huge success with girls.

All guys that apply this advice are going to notice a great improvement in their lives.

You have to make your circle of friends clean and attractive, even if this means dumping all of them; it's for your own good.

2. The second advice is to tweak your body language.

Body language is the most important thing to make women want you.

You need to think of your body as a giant cell phone that communicate with women, if it sends the wrong information to them, they want feel attracted, however, if it gives them the right "code", they will feel a want and a desire for you immediately.

Here is how to tweak your body language:

· You need to become dominant in your walk and stand, weak guys don't attract girls.

· To do this, try to always walk straight, don't lean.

· Your mouth should be closed all the time, unless you are speaking.

· Your lower jaw has to be relaxed, don't be stresses when your mouth is closed.

· Your eyes have to be direct and fearless, keep your eye contact with people around you, especially girls.

· Your smile, you have to give very little of it, don't flood women with your smile, instead, let them earn it.

Don't give too much attention to girls around you and they will feel attraction for you, this is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, it's the attraction paradigm, if you want something badly, the price will go high, however, if you ignore it, it will come to you.

With women, it's the same thing, ignore them and have fun as if they didn't exist and they will come running to you.

3. The third thing is your appearance, what you should wear.

This will vary greatly from one person to another, depending on the age group and the physique; however, there are some common details you have to take care of.

The first one is never wear things you don't feel comfortable in, you should choose cloths that makes you attractive and makes you feel good, make this a priority when shopping.

You need also to stay away from bling-bling; girls don't like you when you put too many efforts to attract them.

Now, here are some very nasty details you need to get fixed in you:

The nose and ears, they have to be clean and shaved.

The nails, both in feet and hands, always polished and trimmed.

Hair is a no, unless it's in your head or people have complimented you on the beard.

Always wear cologne; Mark Jacobs, One Million, and Hugo Boss are amazing with women.

Belt, shoes and socks should be always in harmony and clean.

If you take care of all this, women will certainly want you immediately.