How to prevent a woman from cheating

There is a lot of talk about cheating women and some authors are going to present you with shady statistics saying that both men and women cheat the same way and at the same rate!

But from my experience and that of many of my friends, women do not cheat as much as men, as far as I’m concerned, women are more loyal and faithful, but this doesn't mean that they do not cheat, if a woman is not satisfied with her man, she is going to cheat sooner or later, and if she doesn't do so, she will at least fantasize about other men and being fulfilled in other ways.

This post is about preventing cheating; I’m going to provide you with the most important tips and techniques to make your woman cheating proof.

  • The first way to prevent a woman from cheating on you is to make her jealous about you.

I was once in a club having fun with my friends when I saw gorgeous woman, I approached her and we had a good time, then I noticed that her ring finger had a ring mark on it, so I immediately asked her if she was married, I didn't come out as insecure or frightening, I was just teasing her, and she confessed that she was in the process of divorcing her husband!

Needless to say, I do not mess with other men's women, so I back down a little and just chatted with her, and one of the most important and also frightening things I’ve learned from her is that she has completely lost her jealousy over her man!

For her, he was a dead person, she wasn't scared of losing him and she wasn't the least jealous of other women wanting him.

When I asked her why, she couldn't give me a reason, but from my experience, women are going to lose the spark when men are going to stop paying attention to them.

Trust me; this is probably the most important advice to keeping your marital and romantic life happy.

If you stop complimenting women and making them aware that they are valued and appreciated, they are going to lose the spark very quickly and soon, they are going to end up in another man's arms.

This doesn't mean that you should flood women with compliments and buy them gifts and romantic cards, no, this is going to lead you and her to monotony and boredom.

The best thing you can do is to notice the little things and make her aware that you really, genuinely care about her.

For example, I tend to compliment my wife on the meals she prepares, how she smile, thing she does and I do not forget to spend at least one evening dating her every week, even if we are married, she is always on my mind.

  • The second tip to prevent a woman from cheating on you is to get a little rough.

By rough, I don't mean being violent, but there is a genuine male nature that most guys are ignoring and even trying to silence.

This male nature is about being positive and being a little aggressive, trust me, women are looking for this all the time in men, and if they don't find it, they are going to lose respect and sexual attraction for them.

Most women are going to cheat with men that are not really better looking than their men or richer, but they are going to cheat with men who are more dominant and more leading.

In fact, most women are completely frustrated by their men, because they do not lead them and dominate them enough, which is extremely important for women to feel sexual attraction.

You need to dominate a woman by being proactive and making decisions when you are with her, you must also be unpredictable because women are not attracted to men who make the same decisions often.

From my experience, these are the most important tips and techniques to prevent a woman from cheating on you.