How to talk to a woman you like

You are going to know five essential tips to talking to a woman you like.

You have spotted a woman and you seem to like her, now, the question is how you are going to talk to her without getting rejected or getting slapped!

This is what you are going to learn about here, nothing less, nothing more!

  • The first thing is to be ready.

I’ve seen this many times: a guy looking like a clown approaching a woman and getting rejected, and then he starts wondering why!

It’s in the looks, the answer is in the looks.

Women pay much more attention to how you look and how you dress, if you look anything less than descent, she will not notice you.

I’ve already written an article in this website about the look issue, go read it here when you are done with this post: How to look attractive to girls

  • The second tip to talking to a woman is how you are going to approach her.

It’s the most important and certainly the most frightening step to most guys.

Don’t panic! There is a way out of fear with women.

Now, think a little on why most guys are afraid of approaching women?

It’s because they don’t want to be rejected!

Who doesn’t fear rejection?

No one.

Now, why do most guys get rejected by women?

Because they approach them with the wrong motives.

Women don’t want to be approached and told that they are beautiful or sexy, they want you to approach them and don’t give too much importance if they like you or not.

Women love indifference in a man.

They love it when you want her, but at the same time will not fear her rejecting you or not liking you.

I’ve found a great way to approach women and never get rejected.

This is the truth, this way have worked for me every time I tried it.

It’s finding a reason to approach a woman.

A reason apart from wanting to date her.

I explain, let’s say that you like a girl at the cafeteria and you want to approach her, the worst thing to do is go to her and tell her that you like her, most guys have done it before you and she will not like it.

The great thing is to go to her, make your usual order and then ask her about other brands of coffee they have got and what should you choose, then tease her a little on her bad manners with you!

Then she would find no reasons to reject you, she would be giving you advices and guidance and if she doesn’t answer you, her manager would give her a bad time about it.

, hand her a pen and paper and ask her to write her phone number, if she refuses, tease her that you will go complain to her manager.

Don’t give a woman a reason to reject you.

Here are some places worth going to talking to women:

Coffee houses, restaurants, books shops, libraries….

  • The third tip is getting her to talk back to you

In other words, you need to be a great piece of conversation to her; she needs to talk back to you.

Here are some subjects women love to talk about:

1. Health advices

2. Other people

3. Movies (especially romantic ones)

4. TV shows

5. Reality TV

6. Interesting websites


You need to also know what not to talk about with a woman.

Here are some of the worst subjects to talk to a woman about:

1. Politics

2. War

3. Work issues and problems

4. Money issues

5. Problems

6. Your exs

7. How lonely you are…

Avoid talking about these with woman you like.

  • The fourth tip is keeping the conversation going with her.

If you liked a woman, why don’t you get her phone number?

It’s the best way to keep her interested in you and advance with her.

Warring: don’t wait for her to ask you about your phone number, she won’t, you need to be the one taking initiative all the time with women.

Getting her phone number is absolutely necessary if you want to see her again.

Make it your goal in talking to women you really like.

A great way to get her phone number fast is to ask her for it.

There is no other way than this one.

Simply hand her a pen and paper and ask her to give you her phone number.

If you’ve done a great job at talking to her, she will give it to you in no time.