How to talk to beautiful women

Talking to beautiful women can be one of the most difficult things to do, however, if you apply these tips I’m going to provide to you, it’s will become very simple.

The thing I get the most questions about from guys is how to talk to beautiful women?

It’s a real issue to most guys as they don’t really know what to say and how to behave with these women.

The root cause of this problem is that most guys tend to ignore the fact that beautiful women and just plain simple women after all, the only thing that’s different about them is their beauty.

Here are the tips you need to know and apply to talk to beautiful women:

The first one is to consider them like ugly women

This one made me laugh the first time I heard it from a friend of mine.

He was dating a very stunning woman, she was from South America, maybe Brazil and no man on the street could turn his head away when she was walking by.

I asked my friend about the secret for keeping his cool around her and he simply replayed: I like blonds; I don’t like brunets that much!

It’s at that moment that I got this idea, if you look at her like a totally casual girl, you are going to start talking to her like she is the one pursuing you and doing all the efforts to make you attracted to her.

Next time, whenever you are talking to a beautiful woman, just tell yourself this: “I don’t like the way she looks, I prefer . . . !”

The second tip is to consider them your buddies!

This one was given to me by a girl.

She said that most guys are going to pay too much attention to girls and are going to put them in a higher position than themselves, she then told me that most girls would like guys to treat them as if they were their buddies, in other words: no compliments, no praising, lots of fun, lots of teasing and being totally gross with them.

I once said to a very beautiful woman that she had big feet and that she could walk on water easily!

She was upset by what I’ve told her, so I padded her on her back and told her: “c’mon man! Can’t you appreciate a little compliment?”

She laughed!

It’s easy; just act the way you are around your buddies.

The third tip to talking to beautiful women is to be playful and joyful.

You can’t attract them with a moody/gloomy spirit; they are going to run away from you!

The only way to make them have a great time with you is to make them laugh and enjoy themselves a lot, it’s essential!

The fourth tip to talking to beautiful women is to avoid showing your emotions to them.

You may be talking to a great looking woman and you may be thinking that she’s the most stunning woman alive, it’s ok!

However, what’s not ok is telling her all these!

She will do one thing: run away from you and consider you a total loser!

If you want to talk to beautiful women the right way, apply all these tips and you will be good to go!