How to tease women or your girlfriend

It’s not a mystery, making a woman laugh is the most direct way to her heart.

How to tease women?

If you can’t find an answer to this question, they won’t feel attraction to you.

To tease women or to tease your girlfriend is to simply convey to her implicitly that you are dominant and self-confident, both highly valuable traits that all women are looking for in men.

  • The first tip to teasing your women is to never have bad intentions.

 Many guys hate women!

This is not a lie, they like women, they feel attracted to them but they hate them implicitly.

This is the result of many psychological build ups that we won’t discuss in this article.

You only need to know that if you implicitly hate women, you will come out from a negativist point of view and your teasing will become a way to get revenge on women.

You are going to see some guys who will at first tease women or tease their girlfriends to a degree of becoming insulting; they wouldn’t stop until she is truly hurt.

This is not what we are aiming at, teasing a woman is to make her like you and appreciate your humor and not hating you and finding you unbearable.

Whenever you want to tease women or your girlfriend, simply think of it as a way to tell her that you like and appreciate her.

A great thing to do is to ask yourself: “what if another person did that to me, how would I feel?”

  • The second tip on teasing your girlfriend or women in general is to be playful

You can’t tease if you are serious!

This is the first rule of being funny, you can make belief you are serious, but you shouldn’t be.

Women hate guys that are serious, no matter what they tell you.

What they truly like is a guy who is funny and can become serious when needed, not the revers, serious and sometimes funny.

You have to know that for women, being serious is associated with being boring.

The best remedy to this is to start watching some funny shows and going with funny people, don’t worry, it’s curable.

  • The third tip on teasing women is to be childish

What does a child do?

He will do stuff in the moment, and not think of the outcome.

I’m not suggesting here that you should become a child and never take responsibilities, what I’m suggesting is to be one when teasing women or your girlfriend.

Here is what you should do:

Don’t think too much about things when you are with a woman, teasing her is to simply live in the moment with her and say things that are funny and instantaneous, not long thought of.

  • The fourth tip for teasing your girlfriend and women is to hit them

Hitting women is such a great thing to do; I’ve never seen a greater technique for teasing women than hitting them.

Of course, gently, don’t think that you need to give her some bruises and cuts when teasing her.

Instead, you should be playful and childish with her.

A great technique is the “sword”

Whatever food or items you have in your hands, simply make a small sword with them and start hitting her with it.

Another fantastic technique is to hit her while calling her “bad girl”, all girls love to be bad, so take this to your advantage.

  • The fifth tip is to apply these techniques:
  • 1. Technique number one is to start calling her by names.

A friend of mine calls his girlfriend while teasing her with “dumbdumb”, by the way he uses it, it shows that he loves her and he is only teasing her and being playful with her.

There are many names to be used, here are some great ones:

Brat, speedy (if she does something slow), crazy, bro (this one is amazing, you call her as if she is a guy), dude (same with this one), sleepy, potato…

Again, don’t be hurting, you simply need to make her laugh while showing your self-confidence.

  • 2. Technique number two is to laugh at everything she says for some five minutes.

Whenever she does or says something, laugh at her for a little while and then tell her to go on, when she says the next word, start laughing even harder.

  • 3. Technique three is accusing her of being lazy or other “bad” traits.

This applies when you ask her to do you a favor and she does it, you tell her that it’s not well done and she should be punished for such a behavior…

  • 4. The fourth technique is the romantic

Whenever she tells you something, answer her with your eyes wide open, your mouth wide open and your chest near her.

This will go great with the slave technique; you answer everything she tells you with “yes my dear” or “yes master”

  • 5. The fifth technique is wrestling her or playing childish games with her.

By far this is the best technique for teasing women or your girlfriend.

So, you simply provoke a dual with her, thumb wrestling is fantastic, scissors, stone and rock is great too.

Try to always win (cheating in these games is so sexy for girls) and when you do, declare yourself as the winner in a loud voice.

  • 6. The sixth technique for teasing your girlfriend is to chase her away

Whenever she is near you, simply push her away from you while screaming “get out of my face”.

This is another great technique that women will understand immediately.

The thing with teasing women or teasing your girlfriend is to always be playful, good hearted and fun.

If you apply these three traits, they will love you no matter what you say or do.