Look attractive to women

To look attractive to women is very important when you try to seduce them. You can be the Don Juan himself and yet unable to attract a woman if your style and looks are terrible. Use these advices I’ve specially grouped to make yourself one of the greatest looking guy to women.

It’s true, if you get these aspects of your clothing and style handled, you will look attractive to women.

Trust me; women are frustrated when they see a guy not applying these techniques.

In fact, to look attractive to women isn’t about buying some very expensive outfits or wearing some fancy clothes, it’s only about paying attention to these details and issues related to your dressing styles.

  • The first thing you need to pay close attention to in order look attractive to women is having the right mindset.

You may be looking like a model and still not being very attractive to others.


It’s all about how you see yourself, your mindset.

This has nothing to do with outer looks but it will impact them highly.

To get the right mindset to look attractive to women, you need to start doing these exercises every day:

Start taking some five minutes each day to repeat these affirmations:

“I’m naturally attractive to women.”

“Women find me attractive”

“I like myself”

“I am very attractive to women”

“I am attractive and I feel attractive”

I’ve had the same issues and these great affirmations have had some unbelievable effects on me.

The second thing you need to do after affirmations to look attractive to women is to do visualizations every morning, preferably after using your affirmations.

You put yourself in a relaxed position, you close your eyes, breathe seven lengthy breaths and see yourself interacting with women and having success with them, see yourself as attracting beautiful women to you.

These exercises may sound very stupid to you, but I’ve tried them and they were amazing at helping me look attractive to women.

  • The second thing you need to pay close attention to look attractive to women is being careful about to these details:

If you aren’t having success with women, it’s probably because you are ignoring some of these details:

Your hair, especially in your nose, always trim it and make it despair, the best thing is to do it every time you have a shower.

Your teeth whiten them and get them fixed, no matter what the costs are.

Your shoes, don’t ever leave home without them looking like new, no sport shoes or high heel boots, they will look ugly if they aren’t suited for the outfit you are wearing.

Your chest and ears’ hair, same thing, always trim it and make it the less visibly possible.

The best thing to do is to get some female opinion about your details and outer looks, whatever they say, execute it.

  • The third thing you need to pay close attention to look attractive to women is your clothes

The second thing women will scan you for are your clothes.

There are so many guys dressing like clowns these days, they mix colors and don’t care about what girls like men to wear.

Try to wear darker colors all the time, they are known for being unfashionable, also, don’t try to invent the wheel, whatever is working and having the best effect on women, adopt it immediately.

The best thing I like to do is to go to a shop and ask stranger girls to help me with my choice and clothes, there is no harm in this, and you will be amazed at what advice girls are going to tell you to look attractive to women.