Second date advice and tips for men

If you are good enough with women to make your first date a success, then you really need to pay close attention to these second date advice and tips for men because they are going to show you the best way to not only give a great impression about you, but to also implicitly tell women that you are the right man for them.

  • The first advice you need to apply on your second dates is to never look resource-less.

By resource less, I mean that you have to always be ready to act appropriately when occasions arise.

For example, a friend of mine was on his second date with a woman when all of a sudden he spilled wine on his clothes, he kept his cool and began cleaning himself confidently and with a genuine smile on his face, although most guys would have reacted extremely bad to such a dreadful situation, his mood and his confidence made him really look special to the woman.

This is what women are looking for in men, being resourceful and confident enough to handle any situation that arises.

You should also be ready to get women what they want, even if they don't tell you about it.

Again, this will show women how resourceful and creative you are, for example, from her conversations, you can really guess what a woman's taste is and at the appropriate moment, make the best decisions or at least suggest to her a drink or a food that she will certainly like.

  • The second advice you need to start applying on your second dates is being fun.

I keep mentioning this idea over and over in my posts:

Women are bored all the time, they want someone to make them laugh and to give them a good time, if you are not such a person, then they will "replace you" as soon as the occasion arises!

What I'm saying here is going to sound horrible and difficult to handle for most guys, but it is the reality, women are always looking for fun when they go out with guys, don't believe the idea that women are looking for sexual fulfillment, they can achieve this throughout many different means, but the one thing women can't have by themselves is "manly" fun.

Again, I have to mention a very important book I’ve read many years ago and I still consider to be one of the best books to show guys how to handle themselves and deal with women, it is called "Double Your Dating", and it is by David deangelo.

The main idea of this amazing book is that to attract women, you have to show them your manliness and to make them understand that you are not to be their friend's!

The more you show your sexual intentions to women, even in your humor and your communication, the more they are going to like you and find you genuine and honest, and the more you try to hide it, the more you are going to hurt yourself and look fake!

So, from now on, on every occasion, try to communicate your sexual intentions and sexual desires to women, however, be careful and do not voice them, in other words, do not tell women that you are interested in them sexually, show it with your body language, this is the key to attracting women on your second date.

You have to make your body language communicates dominance and "carelessness".

Trust me; carelessness is a fantastic psychological characteristic to possess when trying to attract women, because when you start showing too much care, they are not going to find you an attractive.

  • The third second date advice for men is knowing what you are doing.

In case you haven't noticed, women hate guys who are indecisive, so no need to ask women for advice on where to take them, they want you to take full ownership of them and full responsibility on your second date.

Again, from now on, whenever you are taking women on a second date, the most important tip to remember is to always plan everything in advance, where you want to take them, when, how, how much you are ready to spend, and what you want the date should be focused on.

  • The last second date advice for men is taking action.

This is probably what guys hate the most, not being able to take action with women.

And this is by far the most important step in having a successful second date.

I'm not talking here about going home with a woman, I'm only talking about taking action when appropriate, for example, if the woman is in a great mood, why not kiss her?

I assure you that if you apply these amazing second date advice and tips for men, women are going to like you and they are going to enjoy spending many more dates with you.