Signs of a weak man

These ten signs are what separates a real, strong man from a weak one, read them carefully and check yourself against them, if present in you, they are going to be a block and a danger to both your professional success and most importantly your emotional fulfillment and happiness.

For many years, we believed that the strength of a man comes from his physical powers and his body features, but people have always noticed a "strange" thing:

Physically strong men acting as cowards, physically impressive men not being able to stand and defend themselves. . .

It's not a strange thing!

Here is why: strength in men doesn't come from the body but from the mind.

I'm going to share with you in this post ten of the signs and traits that will make a weak man.

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The first sign of a weak man is being indecisive.

This is the major sign of a weak man.

Decisiveness is the most important trait in a man, just try to imagine this scenario:

You are with a 'man' and you want him to take a decision, you aren't selling him anything and this decision is totally in his favor, but he will get blocked and frightened and will look at you for a long time without coming to a clear one!

This is what most guys nowadays act like: they cannot make decisions.

When it comes to dating and women for example, if you are unable to make clear and rapid decisions, you will be treated like a kid who should never be relayed on.

It's very dangerous.

The second sign is that a weak man is afraid of the unknown

This is the reason of the first sign, a weak man will be always afraid to make decisions because of some "unknown" reason he has.

For example, one of my friends once told me that he can't meet women, when I asked him why, he told me that he has no money!!!

This is no reason at all, when I stayed on the subject long enough, he confessed to me that when he was a kid, other kids have made fun of him in the shower room!!!

This is what I call "afraid of the unknown", you can't make a decision because deep down you feel that you will be ridiculed or made fun of!

It's a huge sign too.

Do this exercise to get rid of this trait:

Take a pen and a paper, and write down ten of the things you are afraid to do.

Here are five of the things I was afraid to do in the past:

1. talk to women

2. approach a woman

3. get my BA

4. confront my father

5. kiss a woman

6. say no to my boss

7. . . .

These are mine, try to think of some of the things that are really stopping your progress and you can't go beyond them.

When you are done, I want you to do this: challenge one of them every weak!

It will sound like an impossible thing, but it will get you the right amount of courage and discipline to make your life right and to get back your man powers.

Don't procrastinate on this, do it!

The third sign is blaming others.

What does it tell about a man when he blames others for something that happened to him?

It says that he can't take responsibility and that he's coming with excuses to not take actions!

Blaming is the root cause of all psychological issues in the opinion of nearly all motivational speakers; it's the root of low self-esteem and weakness.

Here is the antidote to stop blaming: "I AM RESPONSIBLE"

Say it every time you feel like blaming someone for something about you.

I was always blaming my parents or the economy for the things I couldn't get in life, but when I learned this one, it changed my life completely, I started my own business, completed my education and met the right woman…. I took charge of my life.

Of course, this didn't happen overnight, it took me a lot of months, but I was a very bright and good investment.

How do you use "I AM RESPONSIBLE"?

Whenever you see yourself hesitating and starting to blame others or getting angry about something, stop, and say "I AM RESPONSIBLE" over and over to your mind, in fact, you need to flood your mind with the empowering sensation it will bring you.

Do it every time until it becomes a habit, then you will notice something strange about your life: it will take off!

You will be amazed at how much you can do and achieve.

The fourth sign is a weak man never wants to change

You are going to see that he will make the same mistakes over and over and he'll always get the same results.

But when you ask him about it, he'll deny and defend his ideas and even deal with you like you were a threat to him.

BIG men aren't afraid of failures and mistakes, only small men are.

Make this you mantra in life and try to always challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zones.

The fifth sign of a weak man is expecting others to change

This is the root cause of blaming!

When you expect the others to change for things to be right for you, you will always stay at their mercy.

And let me give you this one little idea I've found in people: People think only of themselves.

You will rarely see someone thinking of other people and doing the right thing for them without expecting something in return.

You may think that a lot of people are philanthropist and give a lot of themselves, but if you think seriously about it, you are going to find out that nearly all these people do so to impress others or a woman or even a dead parent!

People will never give importance to you if you don't give it first to yourself.

The sixth sign is a weak man will expect others to start first

It sounds like the last sign, but it's a bit different.

This trait will stop any man from achieving good in his life because he'll always want the others to do the first step and then he'll get the courage to do it then.

It's extremely important to have a strong character.

If one keeps on expecting others to take all the risks and then he following them so as not to get hurt, then he is surely to live a miserable life.

My advice: try to do things for yourself and stop expecting others to come up with solutions for you.

The seventh sign of a weak man is that he will say " sorry" a lot

Sorry is a bad word if you didn't do anything that deserves saying it!

That's the thing I notice every time with weak guys.

They think that by saying sorry a lot, they will get out of troubles and that people will not hurt them.

This is totally wrong, people love to find real strong man in character that is sure of what he wants and that is ready to confront the world for his values.

Don't say sorry when you didn't do anything bad!

Instead, be ready to look into people's eyes and tell them frankly what you have in mind, don't be ashamed of yourself or of your ideas, at the end of the day, it's what's count the most to you.

Be your best ally!

However, don't read this and become a tank rolling on everyone and anything!

A true man has a balanced personality, he can easily say "no" and he can easily say "sorry".

The eight sign is that a weak man is a pleaser

By pleaser, I mean that he will want to do good to others every time.

This may look like a good thing, but the truth is that it's the contrary.


Because a weak man will want to do good for a reason: getting others to approve of him.

Trying to get the approval of others is in my opinion the worst thing you can do to hurt yourself of growth and development in life.

The ninth sign is he wants others to lead him

What's the first trait in leaders?

They lead people!

That's the most essential trait of a leader.

If you feel that you can't lead others, then you are certainly appearing as weak in their eyes.

The only advice I can give on this weakness sign is: find occasions to do it!

Just voice your opinions and you are certainly going to find a crowd of weak people to follow you everywhere you want.

And the tenth sign of a weak man is that he will not defend himself

This is the most obvious trait.

I've seen so many guys not being able to stand for themselves or other people they cherish just because they felt threatened.

Let me give you a little thought:

What would the big guy, who took the first position in a line, say when you tell him that he should get to the back of the inline?

He may yell, he may even be an ass*ole and threaten you, but he will never be as strong as you.

Here is a thing I like to say to those kinds of people: "what did you expect when you ….. ?"

They will silence them.

"Do you expect me to say nothing?"

Being a strong man is all about avoiding these signs.

And the eleventh of these signs of a weak man, a bonus one, is: he will get mad at people easily

The weakest beings are the easily irritated!

Be stronger than the pain; be forgetful of the rude people around you.

If you don't like something someone has said to you, look him right in the eyes and say:

"Don't talk to me like this" with ease and calm, if he/she keeps on doing it, then please leave.

The most hurtful words on the universe can't match the power of leaving a nasty situation or person; you will always be the strongest.

Thanks for reading and have a great strong life.

Noah Alam