The best compliments for a woman

These seven compliments for a woman are not just going to show her that you are classy and interested in her, they will make her heart jump and she will feel "something" very special about you.

Complimenting a woman have been neglected, it's the scapegoat of modern seduction.

Whenever I read a book or an article about dating and seduction, one of the things most writers are going to warn you about is telling a woman a compliment!

Compliments are the devil!!!

No, not really, compliments are a great way to show interest for a woman and make her know that you like her and value her.

The real devil is the guy who doesn't know how to compliment a woman and keeps on saying stuff that's nothing like a compliment to her.

This is why most "experts" advice men to stay away from compliments.

These seven compliments for a woman I'm going to give you will make any woman think all day about you and how special you are.

  • The first compliment is : "you are special" 

Don't just say this to a woman.

You have first to understand that before you tell a woman a compliment, you will need to create a setting.

The best setting for this compliment is when you are both sitting and having a great conversation.

Then you simply tell her something like this: you are really someone very special, you know all this stuff, I'm so lucky to have had this conversation with you"

  • The second compliment for a woman is: "I like this ….." 

This compliment will save you so many broken relationships and dating situations.

Whenever a guy sees a woman wearing something great, he will jump and tell her something like this: you look beautiful, ohh my god, you are fabulous ….

Well, women don't like these kinds of compliments, first because most of the times they are fake and second because it focuses on her looks and most women are insecure about their looks.

What you will need to say to her is something like this, of course, not the first thing that come out of your mouth, wait until you have a great conversation with her and then:

"When I saw you, the first thing that hit me is this (shirt, dress, boots, jewelry ….), it looks beautiful on you). 

That's it, a great compliment imbedded in a casual taste compliment.

  • The third compliment is : "shut up!" 

I know, most of you are thinking that I must have gone out of my mind!

Let me first explain myself.

You will never use "shut up" with a woman you've just talked to, you use this one with a woman you really know and you really like.

Let's say that she is telling you about something great she did or a trip she went through:

The bad compliment for a woman is: wow, you are so courageous and adventurous…. (Very lame and overused).

The great compliment is: shut up, unbelievable, really!! or wow (use one of them, they will tell her instantly that you value her and you think great of her)

If you give it a little thought, do women compliment each other's? Rarely, most of the times, they will simply use something like the ones you've just read.

You have to show interest in what she tells you not just her.

  • The fourth compliment is: teasing her 

Don't think of a compliment as something you need to "say" to a woman.

It's not; sometimes the best compliments are easiest ones.

Teasing a woman not only implies that you like her, but it also tells her indirectly that you like her as a person and not just as a "woman" and that she is admired and cared for.

Most guys will neglect this one essential compliment for a woman, they will think that you have to be verbal or buy her something expensive when in fact, a woman will feel much more appreciated

when she is teased and cared for.

  • The fifth compliment is: "I like the way you think" 

Or something like that.

Again, women don't want to be associated with their physiques or good looks; they want to matter by themselves.

Now, most guys are unaware of this and will think that a compliment is physical, no.

Try this little experiment: when a woman is talking to you and she explains you something, tell her: "I like the way you've explained this" and keep on talking.

You are going to notice something very strange, she will look you in the eyes as it's the first time she sees you.

  • The sixth compliment is: smiling at her 

Smiles are bad when you want to attract a woman.

Don't smile too much at a woman, it shows a desire to get her approval and acceptance.

However, when you are with a woman and you look her right in the eyes and smile at her, she will know and feel that you like her, without even saying one word.

  • The seventh compliment is: leading her and passing a great time with her 

This is the best compliment for a woman, nothing compares to this one.

A woman will feel much more appreciated and cared for by a man if he takes the time to pick a place and pass a great evening with her, laughing together and enjoying themselves.

Again, you need to think of a compliment as something not just verbal, it's what she means to you.