The best place to meet single women

This is the best place to meet single women; it’s very hard to come by, especially if you are looking for quality single women. You won’t get one place, in fact, I’ll give you two other great places as well that men seem to ignore all the time.

If you ask a guy about the best place to meet single women, you are certainly going to hear something like:

A bar

A club

The street


Coffee shop

These places are great for meeting women; the only issue is that the women there aren’t that great to meet.

For example, a club is great to meet beautiful single women, but most of them are drunk or stoned and the amount of dudes there ( the competition) is insane.

The place I’m going to give you is fantastic.

  • It’s seminars and/or workshops

Don’t read this and think that these are lame places to meet women!

These places are fantastic, let me show you why.

First of all, you need to choose well the seminar or the workshop you are going to attend, if you choose a seminar about mechanical engineering or firearms, guess what you are going to be meeting there, yes dudes like you!


No, you have to select a seminar which has high female interest, let me give you some examples:

Nursing seminar


Gourmet cooking

My favorite one is a dating seminar for single women.

You don’t need to pay or subscribe, you only wait in the hotel lobby for when single women have a break and you engage one in a conversation.

They will be all exhausted and bored, tease them a little and be very funny with them.

This will work especially great if you choose a dating seminar for women.

They are already looking for love.

  • Another one is social events.

A wedding, in my opinion, is the best place to meet single women.

Single women go there thinking about the bride, wedding, having kids, finding the right person …

This is a great opportunity to meet them, you only need to be introduced by someone she knows or only go meet a single woman alone.

Other social gatherings are great too, like a birth day party, new home…

You need to be great looking and wearing a great cologne and women will find you attractive.