Third date advice

As far as dating women is concerned, knowing what you are doing and making sure you are doing it right is the key to success, that's why I like to plan my dates and make sure I don't forget important things and important steps, and one of the most important dates, although it is mostly ignored by guys, is the third one.

This is the reason why I'm going to share with you some very crucial and also helpful third date advice that are going to make you a success with women.

The majority of guys are going to think that the most important dates are the first and probably the second, but from my experience, these guys tend to push themselves on these occasions and neglect the third one, in other words, they will end up unsuccessful and doing stupid things.

  • The first third date advice I'm going to give you is to start considering your date a friend.

This is probably going to sound strange, but the more you show affection to a woman, the more she is going to give you less attention and care!

If you don't believe this, why don't you try it on women! Start dating them and as soon as they are feeling comfortable, start saying "romantic" things to them and make some efforts into attracting them! They will run away quickly from you.

This is the reason why I advise my friends and clients to always consider their dates as friends, joke with them, have fun around them, treat them as they do not matter, say stupid things when with them, have a good laugh and especially do not care about their opinions of you.

Trust me, the moment you start treating women these ways, they are going to keep following you and they are going to like you more.

In fact, women have confessed to me over and over that they hate it when guys become too sensitive and too romantic with them, they don't like it.

  • The second third date advice is: hold her hands!

I don't know about you, but the majority of guys are scared of becoming physically involved with women, they don't like it and they make sure they show it to women, they will delay kissing them, holding hands with them, touching them and most importantly being sexual with them.

Let me ask you this question: what is the purpose of dating women?!

I'm sure that this sounded very stupid, but it seems that most guys don't get it, most guys think that dating women is just being friends with them and trying to please them!

Well, this is not the truth, you have to become sexual as soon as possible with a woman, she is biologically wired to like you if you show sexual interest in her, and the more you wait, the less she is going to be willing.

So, take it as a rule of thumb: from now on, your third date is your last chance to kiss her or at least hold her hand.

If you don't seize this occasion, the woman is going to lose hope in you.

  • The final third date advice is to be ready to defend yourself.

On your first and second dates, the woman is going to try to look friendly and very "sweet" to you, however on your third date, she is going to start testing you, and by testing, I really mean sh*t testing you!

She is going to give you hell and she is not going to be nice as with your first dates!

Do you know why?

It is because she wants to make sure you are a true man, you are someone reliable and you will not run away from her on the first occasion, she wants to make sure that you are as strong and as confident as you appear to be.

These are the most important third date advice you have to keep your mind and to apply in order to be successful when dating women.