Thirty five ways to make a woman happy to be with you

Here are thirty five ways on how to make a woman happy that every man must know.

This post came as a request and a question from a friend of mine, he has been learning about dating and meeting women for a very long time and he always have told me that he couldn’t understand women a lot.

So, here is this little guide that will help him and you to understand what will drive a woman crazy about a man and how you can apply it too.

Let’s start.

The first way to make a woman happy to be with you is:

1. Lead her

Women are biological creatures too, like us men, they have attraction for certain biological traits and are naturally looking for them in men all the time.

One of the most neglected qualities by men trying to please women is being a leader.

Your role as a man was to lead your family through the savannah, and let me tell you that you didn’t change that much.

A man who’s going to ask a woman where to go and what to do will always trigger a little “warning signal” inside of her that will tell her: “run away, this guy is weak!!!”

However, a man who’s going to take a woman by the hand and take her where he wants to will trigger inside a woman this signal of: “I don’t know why, but I like this guy.”

2. The second way is by teasing a woman

How can you tell a child that you like him or her?

Do you express it by words? It would be so lame and “not true”, however, if you take it and tease it and play with it, the child will definitely see you as a comforting person and a loving one too.

Tease women, they like the feeling and they’d feel greatly happy.

I still tease my mom when she is angry and soon, after some two minutes, she is back laughing and enjoying herself.

3. The third one is be rare

You may think that it’s not good to disappear on a woman and I think it’s true.

But what’s really not good at all is following her everywhere she goes!!

Want to make her happy?

Then leave her a little alone, she will miss you more.

4. The fourth way to make a woman happy is by being nice to her

Remember her birthdays, listen to her, be ready to bring her that glass of water she asked you for…

There is nothing more pleasing to every human being than finding someone who is genuinely nice to him or her.

5. The fifth one is be adventurous

Women hate douches, women hate guys that will not dare do something because they “can’t”.

Let me give you an example: a friend of mine was with his girlfriend at a Chinese restaurant, he was looking at this very weird food the waiter brought to some guys, she was looking too.

He asked the waiter about it and he told them that it was some tongues with a strange greenly sauce.

His girlfriend looked repelled by it; he ordered it for himself and started eating it.

He told me that his girlfriend didn’t want to kiss him after the meal, but there was something in her eyes that told him “I like being with you”

Women love it when you take risks, even smaller ones, it’s in their DNA, they want to be with a pack leader, not a douchbag!

6. The sixth one is be physical

Do you kiss her? Do you touch her on her face when she smiles at you, do you make love to her the way she wants?

It’s your role as a man to learn how to satisfy a woman.

7. The seventh way is to be stupid

I’m a man and I hate “over-the-top” serious people, I just hate them, I can’t stand them for one minute.

With women, it’s totally different; they can’t stand them for five seconds.

If you are a serious guy, then you are in very serious troubles with women.

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8. The eight one and probably the best one is to be a child

Be curious, keep learning things, make her laugh, slap her gently on the face and run, show her a candy and don’t give it to her, wrestle her and then cheat and run away … be a kid in front of her and for god’s sake, stop caring about what she would think, that’s the first thing you need to get rid of.

9. The ninth one is asking her for help

We tend to think of a “real” man as an island, isolated from the rest of the world!

This is not true, even the strongest and toughest of men will need help one day.

Then why not help from your woman?

It’s ok to come up to her and tell her, sometimes, about your issues and problems; she’ll feel valued and loved by this.

Don’t hold up to yourself, she wants to listen to you and be your confident, just don’t overdo it, don’t come up every night and tell her your whole day’s story, she will hate it, you have to keep some mystery to yourself.

10. The tenth way to make a woman happy is to be enigmatic

Again, don’t tell her everything there is to know about you, better yet, tell her some minor things and keep her guessing for the major ones.

Try to involve her but not fully.

For example, don’t tell her that you’ve been to Hawaii, Mexico and France; just tell her that you’ve been abroad “sometimes”.

It’s more rewarding when she finds out all by herself than when it’s you telling her everything there is to know about you.

11. The eleventh one is be arrogant

Let her know that you like yourself and that there is nothing in this world that would make you say the contrary, if you did something good and she noticed it, be arrogant about it and tell her it was you.

Men will think that being humble is good, well, it’s not, being humble will make the others underappreciate you.

Be arrogant especially when you are teasing her, it’s the best kind of teasing there is.

12. The twelfth way is be insolent

I don’t mean here that you must say bad things to her or insult her!!

No way, what I’m referring to is not being good every time she sees you.

One thing that all women suffer from is boredom; women will get bored very quickly, even of good things.

You need to be a great guy most of the times and sometimes distant and cold.

She needs to learn that she shouldn’t take you for granted every time.

13. The thirteenth one is be highly independent

Don’t wait for her to prepare you dinner to eat, prepare it for yourself once in a while.

If you find a better opportunity with another career, tell her about your decision to change career.

You get the idea here: don’t make her the judge and the owner of your life, be independent with your decisions and ideas.

14. The fourteenth way is to have courage

Don’t be a coward!

If you see that she is scared, comfort her.

If she heard something, don’t make her go look, be the one to do it.

If she is with you, choose to take her from a more secure route instead of a dangerous shorter one.

If she asks why, give her the idea that you are a protector, not a frightened guy.

“I’d go from there if I was alone, but not now.”

She may ask you if you: “are you scared?”

Simply look her in the eyes and keep driving.

15. fifteenth: be chivalrous

Open doors for her, take her hand when crossing the street, pull out chairs for her… women like it.

16. Sixteenth: compliment her once a month

The most direct way to bore a woman with you is to tell her ten compliments a day.


Instead, make it as a rule to never compliment her all the time, only once a week or even once a month.

I’m going to tell you this: women don’t like it when you don’t compliment them and they also don’t like it when you compliment them every now and then.

Be rare with your compliments, they are going to be much more appreciated.

17. Number seventeen is: tell her about the competition

Here is one thing I notice most great guys with women do a lot: they will tell her about a certain girl looking at them or a woman being too nice with him.

One more thing: don’t do it if it’s not true, only tell her this when it’s really happening to you.

Women love to know that the man with them is wanted by other women.

A woman feels much complimented when she knows that her man is in high demand and she is the one having him.

Don’t overdo it!

18. The eighteenth one is: make her understand you are not hers

If she is too possessive of you and would even oblige you to stay with her for a very long time…

Tell her that you want some space for yourself.

Women do it with possessive men and why shouldn’t you do it too.

Tell her frankly that she is behaving like if she owns you and you need to feel some space.

It’s rude, but for a woman, she will know that you are independent and a very valuable man.

19. Nineteenth: Be ready to leave

I remember a friend once finding that his girlfriend was having an emotional affair with someone from another country.

He asked me for advice and I told him to dump her, he didn’t want to and she finally dumped him.

Be ready to leave when you see that things aren’t that good anymore.

Don’t let her believe that you will be hers forever no matter what!

Always be ready to leave her, even if it’s going to another room or another place without her.

Women love to know that they are with a tough man.

Your woman loves to know that you won’t tolerate her flirting and being teased by another man!

Believe it or not, they want you to be possessive of them.

My girlfriend always told me that she loved me even more when I’d tell her that she is mine and I’d kill any man trying to take her from me!

I know, a little extreme, but she loved it.

20. Number twenty: Keep changing

Do you know a guy who would wear the same shirt, same shoes, same jeans over and over and over ….

Boring people are invisible!

Don’t be boring to her; keep changing, the way you dress, and even the way you act around her.

My friend, you are not a rooted tree in hard soil, if you don’t like where you are or a situation, change it.

And please, keep evolving every day.

Become better every single day.

21. Twenty one is: Be ready to act

Women are very nice to be with, they are loving and kind, but sometimes, they can be real pain in neck!

There is one thing that will kill your attraction for her and it’s nagging.

Here is the deal about nagging: if you let her do it, she will think that it works and she will keep doing it.

Stop her the moment she starts nagging you, be ready to react.

However, nagging is an annoying thing, but it can be a sign that something is not ok, before stopping her, try to think of what you did to her or whether her nagging is legitimate or not.

22. Twenty two: Be strong

Why not lift her with your strong arms, take her to the bed room and make love to her for hours!

Why not take her from the kitchen, hold her hands tightly, put her against the fridge and kiss her passionately!

Women love it when you are strong with them, I’ve said it before, it’s in their DNA.

But, don’t overdo it, you will become boring and will look stupid when she would stop you dead cold.

23. Number twenty three: Be sexual

Women don’t like impotent men.

I’ve heard that in one study, women who were making love at least three times a week were shown to be way happier than single women.

Don’t deprive her of this natural craving, make love to her often and please, learn the right way to do it, don’t hesitate to ask for help or even buy a book about it, there are many great ones, just ask.

24. The twenty four way is to: Be romantic

Once in a while, call her on the phone and tell her that you love her, send red roses to her workplace.

Ask her out again and take her to a nice place.

Whisper sweet words in her ears, promise her endless nights kissing her ...

Women spend billion of $$ in the US alone reading romance!!

Be her prince charming.

25. The twenty fifth way is to cuddle more

Try to take advantages of those times when she is watching her favorite TV show, sit next to her and hold and hug her, then simply lean on her and be weak in her presence.

Cuddle with her in bed, it’s one of the joys of being with someone.

26. Twenty sixth: spank her

Are you a naughty boy?

Why not become one!

You can’t imagine the number of women that would like their men to be naughty with them in bed.

The secret is in being loving and dominant at the same time.

See if it’s her thing, you may be surprised to know how many women would love some bed games sometimes.

27. Twenty seventh: learn to kiss

I’ve long thought that kissing was a natural thing that we all knew!

Well, apparently not!

All men are not equal kissers, in reality, most men are terrible kissers.

Kissing a woman the right way is like complimenting her and telling her that you love her.

It’s doing an extra effort to show how much you care for her.

Learn to kiss; there are so many guides and manuals online.

28. Number twenty eight is: make a good living

Don’t rely on her to pay the rent or put food on the table.

I know that with all these talks about equality and equal rights, a lot of men have started thinking that it’s a good thing to share the bills and the rent.

Well, as I’ve told you before, women are still biological creatures, just like men, they still want a dominant male to be with them.

And how can you be dominant when you ask her about her share of the rent??!

It’s expensive to support a family, but it’s rewarding and at the end, it’s more natural than begging her to help you with some money and appearing as weak in front of her.

Women want you to be able to support their “basic” needs.

I’m not telling you here to buy her expensive champagne, gold from head to toes…

No, support her with the basic things and other things if you can, don’t get in debt to make her feel “happy”.

Remember, if she doesn’t like you, she can always leave, no one if forcing her to stay.

This is a long discussion that I’m obliged to write more about later.

29. Number twenty nine is: don’t lean on her

In other words, don’t ask for her approval of you and her blessings on something you want to do.

If you like something, go do it.

Remember: be independent.

30. The thirtieth way is: follow your goals

Do you have some future projects you want to accomplish?

Do you want to change careers?

It’s very important to have some goals you strive for, especially when you are with a woman.

Goals give meaning to our lives and women understand this.

All leaders have one thing in common: they have got a vision.

Have a vision of yourself and of your future.

31. The thirty first way is to spend time away from her

Do you have friends?

Good, spend time with them too.

Don’t be her pet dog, all the time at her knees or only a few inches from her, go out alone and have your own life.

32. Thirty two is: Be 100% honest

Don’t lie to protect the relationship or to keep her with you, it’s the best way to end a relationship.

You need to ban lying from your communication with her, unless you are teasing her.

It will sound so destructive to not lie, but the reality is that lying will cause more damages than good.

However, don’t be an open book to her; don’t bring past demons and past relationships to her knowledge, let sleeping dogs lie.

33. Number thirty three is: Be yourself

Don’t try to be someone you are not.

If you love baked beans, don’t tell her that you don’t!

Number thirty four: Be better than the others

There is an insane number of men out there!

Always remember this!

Try to see with your own eyes what will make a woman want to be with you, better yet, take paper and a pen and write it.

Then, keep adding more things by learning and bettering yourself.

34. Number thirty four: Don’t make her the center of your universe

Don’t be needy!

Don’t make her the center of your life, get a life too.

35. And finally, number thirty five: look her right in the eyes.

Eye contact is the language of love, honesty and empathy, use it a lot.

Those are some of the ways to make a woman happy to be with you as a man, here are some bonus ones to remember too:

Help her in the kitchen, learn to play a musical instrument, have a flat stomach, be sober, remember your first date with her, kiss her before you go to bed and after you wake up.

Thanks for reading.