To approach women

What are the best things and tricks to approach women? Find out by reading this article.

Approachng a woman is always a challenging experience, no doubt about this.

What’s more challenging and hurtful is getting rejected cruelly.

This is why you need to put all the chances in your side and to know truly what you are doing.

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to is: know how to handle your self

I’m not referring her to etiquette or other behaviours.

What I’m meaning is the ability to keep your body cool and relax.

Would you trust a stranger who approaches you all sweaty, nervous and looking pale?

Of course not, you may even consider running away from him.

Now, would you trust a stranger who approaches you with a little smile on his lips, relaxed and walking calmly?

Of course yes, and you would probably make friends with him rapidly.

This is the same thing with women, and even much more.

Women are highly sensitive creatures, they will detect if a man is relaxed or worried, calm or nervous, confident or afraid …

Don’t look nervous when approaching women.

How do you keep your cool when you try to approach women?

There are only two ways, the third is medication, but you would be too stoned to do anything manly with a woman.

The first way is practice; this is the best way in my opinion and the most demanding.

The second way is visualisation, in my opinion; it’s a great way to become a cool confident person.

This is what has helped me deal with my approach anxiety.

You visualize yourself approaching a woman calmly and confidently for five minutes a day, preferably after waking up. After a month or even less, you will start feeling wonderfully calm and confident around women.

It’s amazing.

  • The second thing you need to pay attention to is don’t be too excited

This is a very big issue with most guys.

They see a great woman and the next thing they do is get too excited about her, they will stand looking at her and imagining themselves already with her.

They will be smiling dumbly at her from time to time and they will even approach her while shining a very big needy smile.

Guess what women are thinking when a guy does this:

“Oh my God, that idiot is approaching me; I got to think of a way of dumping him fast”

You don’t want women to do this to you, so don’t get too excited when you want to approach women, instead use

  • Tip number three: don’t wait for the right opportunity

This is a true gem, if you apply it, you will become incredible with women.

Simply, whenever you see a girl you want to approach, don’t wait for a long time, just count to five or three and go talk to her.

Forget about your fears and anxiety.

At first it will seem like suicide, but you will be amazed how good you will become.