Twelve Fun things to do on a date with a woman

Here are twelve of the most fun things to do on a date with a woman. If you do only one of those, she will be totally amazed and crazy about you. She will tell all her friends how great and funny person you are.

It’s not easy at all; taking a woman on a date really demands a lot of work and preparation.

If you decide to do the “usual” stuff, like taking her to a restaurant or a bar, you will come out as silly and not interesting at all.

And if you decide to be “inventive”, you will risk messing things between you and her.

Here are twelve amazing and fun things I prefer to do on a date with a woman, if you choose to do only one of them, she will be amazed by you and highly attracted, guaranteed.

  • The first fun thing you can do on a date, and the most powerful one, is role playing.

If you’ve been reading some of my articles, especially the ones that dealt with being funny to women, you have surely read about role playing.

Let’s be clear here, what’s the most fun things a woman can do on a date?

There is only one answer to this question and it is laughter, if she doesn’t laugh on a date, you can be 100% sure that she didn’t have fun.

And there isn’t a single technique in the world of dating that beats role playing in making a woman laugh.

Role playing is simply making her imagine a situation and laugh about it, whiteout it happening.

In role playing, you can imagine whatever you like, as long as it’s not offending her.

Here are some of the role plays I like to play with women.

A mafia boss, I tell girls that some guy was eye balling me (in a serious/funny way), and that “if I was a mafia kingpin, I would whack him…” and then simply try to talk like Tony Soprano or Marlon Brando (remember the Godfather). You then tell her that “you seem a reliable person, I should make you my right hand in crime”, tell her about the things you would do together: the banks you would rob, the small kids you would take candies from, the drugs you will deal, how she will end up in jail and you bringing her food and some blankets… You have to be very daring in your humor.

  1. The president of your country: tell her that you are fed up with the way politicians are handling the country, and that they are crooked and immoral. So, you are going to make your own party and trick the elections to win, and that if you become the president, you will make her your vice president. Then you cast a shadow of doubt on this by telling her that she doesn’t seem to be a very loyal vice president and she will likely try to assassinate you to become the president….
  • The second fun thing is taking her to an ethnic restaurant

Off course, it should not be very expensive or much known; it should be a popular one where you’ve eaten at least some three times before.

You need to know what they are serving there and how it tastes.

And it’s very preferable that the dishes are strange, a great example are Indian restaurants, the food is delicious and colorful, and all the dishes will look so strange to her if she isn’t accustomed to that type of food.

Tell her about that restaurant and how it was founded, serve as her guide, and tell her about the dishes and what she should order.

The trick here is to make her see that you are very comfortable with this restaurant and yourself being there.

  • The third fun things to do on a date with a woman is to take her to a park where there are a lot of kids

No need to tell you that women go crazy and let their barriers down when they are near kids, it’s natural for them to feel that way.

The more kids the better.

Invite her to play with you, take her to the merry go round, buy her some candies and then take them from her (play the mean boy, she will like it a lot), invite her to talk about her childhood and where she used to live in the past.

  • The fourth thing is to take her to the river or the beach

Like kids, water has a very appealing and romantic effect on women.

You will never see women so excited and happy as when they are near the beach or a calm romantic river bank.

The trick here is to not make this a romantic date, simply take her there to have fun and to walk along the bank.

A fantastic idea is to bring with you some food and drinks, some chocolate, cheese, berries, or crackers, and some natural orange juice or tea.

Pay attention here, the food doesn’t need to be expensive, but it has to look classy and tasty.

Forget about alcohol, it will leave a very bad taste and smell on you and it will give a bad first impression about you, and it’s harmful for your health.

Sit with her near the bank of the river and try to say the least possible, she will be thrilled.



Because most guys will never think of something like this, I included, it’s a girl who has told me about this!

  • Another fantastic thing to do is to play the naysayer with her.

This doesn’t depend on a certain place; it’s just a technique to make any woman laugh and feel comfortable with you.

Whenever she is talking with you, simply look her in the eyes and start contradicting everything she says, mimic a little kid who is angry, fold your arms and wave your head left and right.

Caution, try to not over do this trick, it’s very funny the first three minutes, but then it will be too stupid and predictable.

  • The sixth thing is to take her to a museum

Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not advising you to take her to something very classy and formal.

The daring the better, it has to be a strange museum, I tend to like modern art, it’s crazier and it will give you many topics to talk about with her.

  • The seventh thing is to take her to an art gallery opening

It’s a lot of fun, again, it hasn’t to be formal or classical, the modern, the better.

Caution, don’t be a jerk!

A friend of mine took a woman to an “erotic” art gallery opening.

When she saw what it was all about, she left and he could never talk to her again.

Avoid things like this.

  • The eight fun thing to do on a date with a woman is to take her to a famous landmark building

In New York, it’s the empire state building, in Paris; it’s the Eiffel tower …

In most cities, you will find a structure that people are going to consider “special”.

Take her there and know a little of its history and how it got its name and why it was build, the best thing to do is to look for some information that very few people will know about and say it while telling her about the building.

  • The ninth fun thing to do on a date is to take her to a coffee shop
Again, focus on a specialty that you are going to introduce her to.

Choose for her a drink you enjoy and tell her about its history and why it’s good.

You need to show to the woman implicitly that you have got style and that you have got intelligence too.

I once took a girl to a coffee shop and advised her to order some green unsweetened tea, she did and was very astonished by the great taste it has and how she has never tried it before, I told her why and all the good things it will do to her.

Needless to say, she was amazed and confessed to me later that she passed a very “interesting” afternoon.

  • The tenth thing is to take her to the park

Yes, the park.

Many guys will find it really “boring” and very “predictable”, it’s not, girls love it.

The best thing to do is to simply walk there or go sit in a place with a nice view.

Why not go feed the birds? It’s a very fun thing to do.

  • The eleventh fun thing to do on a date is to take her to some vintage shops

Whatever the type of shops as long as they sell old things.

The best ones in my opinion are vintage furniture shops, they are great conversation subjects.

Try to take her to a shop you already know, the best thing is to go there a long time before she is with you and see for yourself, and then take her.

Take some vase or some old paintings and make fun of them, the style …

  • The twelfth Fun thing to do on a date with a woman is to take her shopping with you for some new clothes.

Women go wild and crazy in the “shopping mod”, they will give you hints, choose for you, ask you intimate questions…

By far, this is the most fun thing you can do on a date with a woman.

A great daring trick, if you can’t do it, it’s ok, to do is to take her in the underwear section, just for fun, don’t be pushy with your humor .