Understanding women – the ultimate book

I've read so many books on dating women and to my surprise, they didn't solve most of the problems I had with the ladies, and for a long time, I was very desperate because I couldn't find a great book for understanding women, that's why I stopped reading mainstream books, I'm not saying that they don't contain great materials, most of them do, but the advice you keep reading in them are very difficult to understand and apply with women.

All this changed when I stumbled upon what I really consider to be the best book for understanding women some few years ago, in fact nearly a decade ago!

So, I'm not going to keep you waiting, the best book for understanding women in my opinion is double your dating by David DeAngelo.

You may probably have heard of this book, if you didn't, you are for a great surprise because it is definitely a fantastic resource for improving your relationship with women and for making yourself truly and genuinely attractive to them.

Here are the things I've understood and learned by reading double your dating:

  • The first one is that women are not interested in being pleased by men.

This came as a surprise for me because for a very long time of my life, I've been seeing men seducing women on TV and on movies by saying nice things to them and doing them favors, but as far as I'm concerned, it never worked!

When I started using the techniques and advice in this amazing book, my success rate jump to the roof, I was simply unstoppable.

  • The second thing you are going to understand about women from reading this book is that's they are sexual.

Again, I had a totally false image about women and their sexuality, in the past, I used to think that they are not very interested in sex and are in fact trying to avoid is as much as possible, however from reading this book and from trying its techniques, I came to the conclusion that women are as much sexual as a man and sometimes even more!

I've come to the understanding that women can be sexually aroused by anything and nothing, for example, a breeze can change the mood of a woman and a warm smile can be orgasmic!

I can go on telling you about the things I've learned by reading double your dating for many hours, but you have to read it yourself and you have to be ready to try out the techniques and tips you are going to find in it.

It is a journey that you must take by yourself.