What Women Want From a Man

What women want from a man???? If you don’t know the answer to this question, she will give you a hard time!!

The things discussed in this article are what truly drives women crazy about a man. Master this area and she won’t be able to leave you for one second.

Many great psychologists in the past have struggled to answer this question:

What do women want?

And the funny thing is that they couldn’t come up with an answer!

The mistake they were making when trying to figure out what women want is that they were basing all their assumptions on themselves, men.

Women aren’t men, no matter how hard political and ideological groups try to persuade us, they have a totally different brain than ours and have very different need than do men.

What women want from a man is not him becoming another woman to them.

This is the most basic thing a woman will want from you, if you start acting as a woman, she will go look for a real man.

How can a man be like a woman?

I’m not talking here about crossdressers, please, be serious.

What I’m referring to is a man trying to take the role of a woman.

He will do the following:

Be sensitive, when it’s time to be a man.

Care too much.

Be weak emotionally.

Ask for help from a woman, when it comes to relationships.

Want someone to take the lead.

Want her to take decisions for him and her.

Need her too often and too much.


If you start acting like this, she will dump you fast.

What’s a man supposed to do?

He is the leader.

He is strong emotionally and backs his woman.

He protects her.

He guides her and takes charge of her.

He is unshaken when she starts weakening him.


Do this and she won’t be able to live without you.

The second basic thing women want from a man is to be caring, but mean.

Don’t go reading the last traits and transform yourself into a human beast.

Women love contradictions!

Yes, it’s true, she wants you to be strong, but at the same time, she wants a man who is lean inside and caring.

Let me give you an example:

You can decide for her and take the lead (you are being strong), but at the same time give her a kiss on the forehead and tell her that you like the way she smells (being lean).

This is such a difficulty for guys; they simply tend overdo one over the other.

They will either become cruel beasts, ridiculing her and making her feel like worthless ,or always complimenting her ,saying “nice” things to her, and caring too much.

In either ways, she will run, from fear or from disgust.

The third thing she wants from you is being fun.

What’s the number one trait women want from men?


Become humorous with her, tease her, make her laugh. Do this and you will have answered “what women want from a man?