What does a woman want from her man?

There are many speculations and movies about what do women want from men, I can assure you that I've watched most of them and for the majority, they don't get it!

This is so because most men are going to try to understand women according to their own brains and psychology, however , many women have confessed to me on several occasions that they themselves don't know what they really want from a man!

What does a woman want from her man?

This is what you are going to learn about in this post and if you pay close attention and apply the right techniques and actions, you will become truly irresistible to the ladies.

  • The first thing a woman wants from her man is dominance.

I'm sure that most of you are going to consider dominance a negative word, but it is a natural phenomenon, species dominate other species and our life is governed by dominating phenomena.

You have to understand that women are bombarded every day with so many choices when it comes to men, they only need to smile to get a decent man, but to make sure they only select the strongest and most reliable ones, they have very specific criteria, and dominance is probably the most important one.

What I'm telling you here may look very rude and even unrealistic, but it is the truth, women are looking for guys who can dominate them and make them submissive.

I'm not trying to convey any negative idea or sexist prejudices, I'm only telling you what has worked for me and will work for you too.

The first and most important thing a woman wants from her man is to dominate her, in other words, to be the man and let her be the woman.

By dominance, I don't mean overuse of power, I only mean deciding when it is time, leading, initiating intimacy and caring for her.

  • The second thing a woman wants from her man is sex!

I was very surprised when I discovered that many guys think that women have less sexual desire and sexual urge than men!

The truth is completely different, and in most cases, women tend to have a much more powerful and insatiable sexual appetite.

If you are shy or inhibited about your sexuality, then you are not going to have success with women because they want you to satisfy them and to pleasure them, if you cannot do it, they will start looking elsewhere.

My advice is to read a wonderful book called “she comes first", it is one of the best investments you can do and your woman is going to thank you many times for taking the efforts to satisfy her.

I was once having a chat with a friend of mine who was complaining about his marital life, he told me that his wife does not care about him anymore and she only cares about shopping and talking with her friends and mother on the phone, I then asked him about his sex life and he confirmed that it was completely dead, when I advised him to read this book, he was a little hesitant and confirmed to me months later that he was seriously thinking about divorcing her!

Anyway, he took my advice and started reading the book, then he disappeared for over five weeks, and after trying to reach him several times, he called me one evening and thanked me for saving his marriage, his wife not only gave him all the time and passion he required, but decided to leave her job and stay home to raise her children and have another kid.

They were completely changed because he cared about changing himself and he cared about satisfying her.

So, what does a woman want from her man: sexual satisfaction, no need to look for more things to do if you cannot satisfy her.

  • The third thing women want from men is jealousy.

There are two kinds of jealousy, positive and negative.

With negative jealousy, the man is over possessive and is scared of losing, this is the kind of jealousy that drives women to cheating and running away.

Positive jealousy is to show your woman that she counts for you and that you are scared of harm happening to her, however you are not scared of losing her because you live in a world of abundance and plenty.

This is what a woman wants from her man, to satisfy her sexually, to dominate her positively, and to be a little jealous over her, if you only apply these three criteria to your romantic life, women are going to go crazy for you and you are going to have a huge success with them effortlessly.