What every woman wants from a man

Find all the information and traits that every woman wants to find in a man here!

If you ask a guy about what every woman wants from a man, he is likely to answer you with something like money, jewelry, fun, love, big muscles . . .

These are somehow correct; however, they are not the most important things for a woman and what she really wants from a man.

Here, I’m going to give you five essential things and traits all women want from men, they are very easy to understand and most importantly, very easy to learn.

·          The first thing every woman wants from a man is masculine character

Masculine character is like something very sacred, everyone is talking about but they have never seen it.

Masculine character is the thing that would make all women want you and follow you to the end of the world when they find it in you.

It’s is the ability to be a man around a woman, that’s all.

I’m sure that this may sound very easy to you, you may even think that it’s something about shouting and growing a big moustache, but the reality is that it’s something totally different and not in your physical appearance at all.

By being a man around a woman, I mean that you can decide for her and not be feminine to her.

Let’s talk frankly for a moment, most guys you are going to meet and see are effeminate, in other words, they behave like women, they are nicer than usual, they fear confrontation, they don’t want to upset others by their opinions they don’t stand for themselves . . .

These can be totally acceptable at your workplace, but when dating a woman and trying to satisfy her, she will ask you to become a man and do the reverse of those feminine traits.

·          The second thing every woman wants from a man is the ability to provide for her

We have all seen and learned that women crave expensive things, there is no need of denying this, it’s totally true, but what we have never thought about is why?

Here is the answer: it’s because when a man provides for a woman something of high value, it will mean instantly to her that he can provide for her on the long run and that he’s a good provider and resourceful guy.

Women instinctively look for men who can satisfy them and provide for them, it’s in their nature.

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy her diamonds and gold all the time, it simply means that you do not depend on her.

Here is something I started seeing lately: some men will invite women to food, when they are done, they are going to propose to the woman to split the bill.

This is terrible and awful because by doing such, these men have failed the first test by women.

Don’t be dependent of a woman, when you invite her, pay for her and yourself.

If you feel that you don’t have the ability to pay for something expensive, don’t do it, just take her somewhere nice and friendly, a woman will understand then that you are a true man!

·          The third trait is the ability to protect her

We don’t live in the medieval ages or the stone ages anymore, but women still need and want men to protect them.

It’s in their feminine nature.

Just look at what most cultures and societies will describe women by: “the weak gender

Weak from the point of these cultures doesn’t mean something negative, it simply means that the woman is dependent physically on her man and dependent on his protection of her.

Here is how you can satisfy this natural drive in a woman:

Be chivalrous with her, treat her with respect, hold her hand when crossing the street, decide for her, be the first to take initiatives. . .

These are the most important deeds to show a woman that you are a reliable man who can protect her.

·          The fourth thing that every woman wants from a man is to put her back in her place

Women are joyful, fun and very friendly, but sometimes they can be really annoying and nasty.

Women too know this and expect you to know how to handle them and stand in front of them when they are hurting you.

I was once in a coffee shop drinking my tea when I heard a woman calling a man who was with her “asshole”!

He didn’t do anything and simply kept on smiling at her and giggling!!!

I thought at first that the man did something terrible to her, but then what I’ve noticed was totally shocking, he had just spilled some coffee on her!

This is not the way women want to see you.

A man should be strong and very powerful, if you let a woman treat you with disrespect, she will never like you and want you.

The best thing you can do in a similar case is to stand up and say bye to her.

It’s the most powerful act you can do to her.

·          The fifth thing every woman wants from a man is fun

Women expect you to be fun and funny when they are with you.

I’m not very funny, but whenever I’d meet a girl, I’d make her at least laugh a little and shine a little smile.

Just doing this has made me amazingly successful with most women I’ve meet.

I’m not asking you to become the best stand up artist in the world, what I’m asking you is to learn a few ways to make women laugh and to be fun when around them.

They don’t like depressed gloomy guys at all!

These are the things that every woman wants from a man, learn about them more and most importantly, apply them.